Nin­ten­do offi­cial­ly announced a new ver­sion of its Switch. Titled the Nin­ten­do Switch Lite, its a slight­ly more com­pact ver­sion of the cur­rent mod­el, but boasts a cheap­er price tag.

It’s set for release on Sep­tem­ber 20th, priced at $200 USD. The Switch Lite fea­tures a 5.5 inch screen with 720p, a slight decrease from the orig­i­nal 6.2 inch size. Also, the Lite will not be able to con­nect to TV’s via USB‑C or HDMI, mean­ing this ver­sion of the Switch will be hand­held only.

Although you can’t dock it, it does have a longer last­ing bat­tery life, being able to play approx­i­mate­ly 4 hours of The Leg­end of Zel­da: Breath of the Wild off a full charge. The Lite is also not as heavy as the orig­i­nal, weigh­ing about .61 lbs.

It also doesn’t have remov­able Joy-Con con­trollers, but if you have them, they can con­nect to the Switch Lite for use. The built in con­trols don’t have any rum­ble or IR motion sen­sors and Nin­ten­do adjust­ed the but­ton lay­out a tad. The four but­tons that were direc­tion­al inputs on the Joy-Con’s, have been replaced by a clas­sic D‑pad. There’s still a head­phone port, and just like the Switch, it doesn’t sup­port Blue­tooth.

Nintendo Reveals the Switch Lite, Along With Its Price, Specs and Release Date

The Switch Lite will launch Sep­tem­ber 20th in three col­ors: yel­low, grey and turquoise. A Poké­mon-themed ver­sion, fea­tur­ing Zacian and Zamazen­ta, will also be arriv­ing Sep­tem­ber 8th. It’s a week ahead of the Poké­mon Sword and Shield release on Sep­tem­ber 15th.

Nintendo Reveals the Switch Lite, Along With Its Price, Specs and Release Date

Rumors of Nin­ten­do pro­duc­ing a less expen­sive vari­ant of the Switch, sur­faced short­ly before E3 this year. Nin­ten­do stat­ed they wouldn’t be show­ing the new con­sole dur­ing it’s E3, instead mak­ing every­one wait for the unveil­ing. Talk of a Switch Pro for “avid” gamers has also been cir­cu­lat­ing, leav­ing some fans extreme­ly hope­ful of anoth­er announce­ment.