Hel­lo Games has had a very busy few weeks, Next was a game chang­ing patch for No Man’s Sky and they have been very busy fix­ing bugs that have popped up as more play­ers explore the uni­verse No Man’s Sky pro­vides. Today in a Devel­op­ment Update post­ed on the No Man’s Sky web­site, Hel­lo Games announced that com­mu­ni­ty events are now live in No Mans Sky.

No Man's Sky Community Events Live + Development Update

Com­mu­ni­ty Events task trav­el­ers and inter­lop­ers alike with com­plet­ing objec­tives to earn Quick­sil­ver. Quick­sil­ver can be used to buy items from Polo’s robot helper onboard the anom­aly. Ini­tial­ly 6 new base build­ing parts, 3 decals, a new emote and a new char­ac­ter cus­tomi­sa­tion are avail­able with the offer­ings expand­ing to over 50 items in the com­ing weeks, “includ­ing fur­ther base parts, emotes, cus­tomi­sa­tions, exocraft, and more.”

The first chap­ter of Polo’s research project exam­ines a spe­cif­ic cor­ner of the galaxy, where strange objects have begun spawn­ing under­ground. Ded­i­cat­ed explor­ers who exca­vate and return them to the Space Anom­aly will be reward­ed with Quick­sil­ver. Polo has con­struct­ed a new robot­ic com­pan­ion to process this valu­able sub­stance into exclu­sive exot­ic col­lec­tables.”

No Man’s Sky Galac­tic Atlas web­site has also been updat­ed to include more infor­ma­tion and func­tion. Here is what has been added:

  • New region­al hubs sub­mit­ted by NEXT explor­ers, includ­ing offi­cial com­mu­ni­ty links for those who would like to join, as well as Euclid por­tal address­es for explor­ers who would sim­ply like to vis­it.
  • Dis­cov­ery progress for all region­al hubs, reveal­ing how many bases have been claimed in each region, as well as how much space is yet to be dis­cov­ered. All explor­ers from com­mu­ni­ty-led fac­tions can con­tribute to their region’s progress by upload­ing their sys­tem and plan­et dis­cov­er­ies.
  • The names of the cur­rent lead­ing explor­ers for each region­al hub.
  • An indi­ca­tion of where the first com­mu­ni­ty research mis­sion is tak­ing place with­in the galaxy.
  • The final batch of Atlas Ris­es POIs, com­plet­ing this archive of mem­o­ries.

If you would like to read Hel­lo Game’s Devel­op­ment Update in its entire­ty, you can do so here.