In Com­mu­ni­ty Crunch #101/Ark digest #48 Stu­dio Wild­card revealed the Phoenix’s dossier, Com­ing August 29th to Scorched Earth.

Phoenix Revealed And Some Ark Official Servers Will Be Wiped August 29th


Among the most mys­te­ri­ous of all fly­ing crea­tures, much of what is known about the Phoenix exists in leg­ends which have been told through gen­er­a­tions. These myths have often changed through the pass­ing of time, but one con­stant is the belief that fire rep­re­sents cleans­ing and renew­al. The Phoenix embod­ies this process through its ever­last­ing cycle of death and renew­al.

Extreme heat-waves in the desert seem to ini­ti­ate the rise of the Phoenix, while the end of this so-called “Super Heat” pre­cip­i­tates the crea­ture’s rever­sion into ash­es. While the Phoenix seems ambiva­lent to most wildlife, if pro­voked, its feroc­i­ty is evi­dent in its abil­i­ty to set tar­gets aflame with a sin­gle bite.


Attempt­ing to paci­fy a Phoenix is, quite lit­er­al­ly, play­ing with fire. The Phoenix must be con­tin­u­al­ly set ablaze in order to be tamed. I’ve seen many turned into dust and ash in the attempt. After it has been paci­fied, the Phoenix will regain its vital­i­ty when it is aflame! Although its com­pact size pre­vents the Phoenix from being rid­den, its aggres­sive enflam­ing has proved to be invalu­able in bat­tle. Plus, it can quick­ly roast up tasty cooked meat and refine raw ores at any time, as a liv­ing fur­nace!

This weeks com­mu­ni­ty crunch com­bined with Ark digest #48, includ­ing a Q&A with Wild­card co-founder and co-cre­ative direc­tor Jere­my Stieglitz, the full Q&A can be found here. Here are a few stand­outs

Sur­vivor Rai­fu­For­Lai­fu, asks “Can we get a dam­age reduc­tion on The Drag­on’s fire breath pret­ty please with extra sprin­kles on top? 25% feels a tad ridicu­lous. Thank you”

It shall be done!” — Jere­my

Sur­vivor Pal­adinKong asks, “Will those who have the game now in ear­ly access be able to get the phys­i­cal items that come with the col­lec­tors edi­tion, like the dossier book, with­out hav­ing to buy anoth­er copy of the game?”

The com­pa­ny that man­u­fac­tures & dis­trib­utes the Collector’s Edi­tions (which is not us direct­ly) has told us that when they sell out, they can man­u­fac­ture more that are CE-only (and thus cheap­er) with­out the game includ­ed. I think we’re close to sell­ing out, so we’ll bug them about it now.” — Jere­my

Survivor legendaryc4 asks, “can console players get the option to hold back the left stick to slow flyers down? Very big here for me as building high up can be a pain.”

Yes, we’ll add this. Been on the todo list for a while but darn the limited buttons available on gamepad. What you suggest seems like a good way to go” with it. — Jeremy

As August 29th approach­es, many peo­ple are wor­ry­ing about the lega­cy servers they play on. Stu­dio Wild­card announced they will have a list of all the lega­cy servers that will be wiped on the 29th and re-pur­posed. We will also post the list the day it comes out. At least you get a lit­tle bit of time to move if you would like to stay on lega­cy servers.

You can read Com­mu­ni­ty Crunch #101 and Ark Digest # 48 in their entire­ty here.