PlaySta­tion announced the Player’s Choice win­ner for last month’s new­ly released titles on PS4. They also added some of their edi­tors favorites for the last 3 months of the Player’s Choice. 

As most of you could have prob­a­bly guessed, Far Cry 5 was the win­ner for March. It was fol­lowed by the JRPG Ni no Kuni ΙΙ and then No Way Out

This month, God of War is on it’s way in a few days, so it will be of no sur­prise if it wins the Player’s Choice for April. 

PlayStation’s edi­tors shared some of their favorite title releas­es for the last cou­ple of months. They include some games that already won the Player’s Choice award:

  • Mon­ster Hunter: World
  • Moss (VR)
  • Shad­ow of Colos­sus Remas­tered
  • Celest
  • Drag­on Ball Fight­erz
  • A Way Out

You can see more about the edi­tors rea­sons for their choic­es, here. 

Source: PlaySta­tion