PlaySta­tion tweet­ed the pre-order bonus­es for Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy today, and it appears there are actu­al­ly more bonus­es than Sony men­tioned in the tweet. 

The theme that’s shown in PlayStation’s tweet is the dynam­ic Idol Springs (a loca­tion from Spy­ro 2: Ripto’s Rage) theme. This is includ­ed in the World of Spy­ro Bun­dle, along with a Crys­tal Drag­on and Sheep avatar. 

When going to the PlaySta­tion store (link is in the tweet above) it shows anoth­er bun­dle, the Hero Bun­dle. It says it is unavail­able unless you pre-order Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy. This includes the Hero dynam­ic theme, plus two Spy­ro avatars: one from the remas­ter and one from the orig­i­nal game.

It’s unclear whether you have to choose between the two, or if PlaySta­tion just didn’t men­tion the oth­er bun­dle. You can pre-order Spy­ro Reignit­ed Tril­o­gy for $40 right now, but since it’s been delayed, you won’t be able to play until Novem­ber 13th.