Bethes­da has announced the closed beta for Quake Cham­pi­ons. You can sign-up for the close beta on the offi­cial web­site.

The exact details of the beta remain unclear. Bethes­da has list­ed weapons, Cham­pi­ons and Are­nas how­ev­er they have stat­ed that “many” of these will be in beta, but did not clar­i­fy whether all items will be in the beta and more infor­ma­tion is to come or only a select few will be avail­able.

With that said, there are cur­rent­ly 2 Are­nas, 8 Cham­pi­ons and 6 weapons list­ed. Details about the Cham­pi­ons will con­tin­u­al­ly be released over the com­ing months. Tomor­row the web­site will update with more infor­ma­tion and a trail­er for the first Cham­pi­on, Nyx the blue haired Fath­om Agent. Each of the list­ed weapons and Are­nas has already been detailed on the web­site and has been seen in game­play footage.

Quake Cham­pi­ons will be playable this week at PAX East. The Bethes­da booth will hold 5v5 Team Death­match from March 10th to 12th.