Rain­bow Six Siege Year 3 , Sea­son 3 kicks off today. Sea­son 3 titled Oper­a­tion Grim Sky is live today and brings of bug fix­es, rebal­anc­ing and 2 new oper­a­tors.

Year Three Sea­son Three is bring­ing forth mod­i­fi­ca­tions to address weapon sights mis­align­ment, an adjust­ment with the Oper­a­tor Idle Pick, and improve­ments to dynam­ic res­o­lu­tion scal­ing on con­soles. Hatch­es are also get­ting a rework which will improve their destruc­tion. Final­ly, in addi­tion to game­play and tech­ni­cal fix­es, expect a map buff on Con­sulate. ”

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky Patch Notes

New Operators

Mav­er­ick (ATK)



Maverick’s D.I.Y. blow­torch can breach any sur­face, includ­ing rein­forced walls and hatch­es. It requires a steady hand and knowl­edge of the envi­ron­ment to cre­ate small holes and lines of sight. Mav­er­ick must be in close range to use his gad­get on the cho­sen sur­face. This torch makes almost no sound but it runs out of fuel quick­ly. Nev­er­the­less, the high pre­ci­sion of this gad­get makes it a very cre­ative tool to use hands-on with­out rely­ing on dig­i­tal tech­nol­o­gy. Using the Exother­mic-S Torch can be risky but the team can reap high rewards with effi­cient use and skill.

Clash (DEF)



Clash is the first defend­er with a shield. The CCE Shield is her pri­ma­ry weapon; she can swap to her sec­ondary at any time, but to do so, she needs to put her shield away first. Her bul­let­proof extend­able shield has the abil­i­ty to slow down oppo­nents by using a high volt­age Charged Field Gen­er­a­tor (CFG) that emanates direct­ly in front of the shield in a cylin­dri­cal shape. Oppo­nents caught in the CFG also sus­tain low dam­age over time. Effec­tive use of the shield allows Clash to block entry points, and to pre­vent or delay a push by the Attack­ers.


The aim of this Here­ford Base Map Rework is to address issues per­tain­ing to the map’s flow, bal­anc­ing, and visu­al the­mat­ic to make the new Here­ford Base viable for com­pet­i­tive play. This is the first map rework for the Devel­op­ment Team, start­ing with Oper­a­tion Grim Sky. This map makeover con­tains many twists and should be treat­ed as a new map: the icon­ic and recent­ly ren­o­vat­ed Here­ford Base. 

Each floor of the new Here­ford Base will have a larg­er sur­face area, which also means more destruc­tible floors and walls. New stairs and hatch­es will be avail­able, allow­ing for more move­ment between each floor and increas­ing the via­bil­i­ty of rota­tions. Play­ers will notice a dra­mat­ic change to the room struc­tures, but the map will still feel famil­iar despite the entire­ly new lay­out. 

The map’s visu­al iden­ti­ty and col­or palette are also get­ting an update, giv­ing each floor more per­son­al­i­ty. Play­ers will find a mix of old-school and mod­ern influ­ences, and the­mat­i­cal­ly dis­tinct rooms. How­ev­er, the map will still retain its “soul,” mak­ing mul­ti­ple nods to the old Here­ford Base. 

Thanks to your con­tin­ued sup­port and feed­back, the Dev Team col­lect­ed a good amount of data to per­form the required fix­es, to bal­ance the map, and to push Here­ford Base to the next lev­el. 


No mat­ter how cold it gets, Frost has a way of wel­com­ing peo­ple. She’s also the best at doing so with a spring loaded trap. No mat­ter the weath­er, we’re cel­e­brat­ing this JTF2 spe­cial­ist with a cool elite set. 

Elite Frost is ready to face polar cli­mates with her Huntress uni­form, vic­to­ry ani­ma­tion, gad­get skin for her Ster­ling MK2 LHT, and weapon skin for the Super 90, 9mm C1 and MK1 9mm. She’ll also have the Elite Frost Chibi charm. 

This set will be avail­able in Frost’s Uni­form Sec­tion at the launch of Oper­a­tion Grim Sky.


The sky may look grim but things are look­ing up on Con­sulate. The Devel­op­ment Team dust­ed off some old blue­prints and sought ways to improve the map, tak­ing into account both the Attack­ers’ and Defend­ers’ per­spec­tives. 

The Police Line spawn point will be extend­ed, offer­ing a safer path to the for­ti­fied build­ing. As for the Gas Sta­tion spawn point, a wall will be moved to pre­vent spawn peek­ing and ear­ly kills. 

We’ve also added a fourth bomb site in Tellers and Archives. Time to revise those strats. 

This is the Devel­op­ment Team’s sec­ond map buff, the first one being on Club House

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed — Play­ers who join in a game in progress dur­ing the action phase will neg­a­tive­ly impact the key bind­ings for the obser­va­tion tools of team­mates.
  • Fixed — Play­ers can some­times pass through rein­forced walls using a deploy­able shield.
  • Fixed — The fram­er­ate drops when going to the tac­ti­cal map in prep phase.
  • Fixed — Receiv­ing dam­age while crouch­ing with a shield will result in the weapon wield­ing hand to clip through the shield.
  • Fixed — Oper­a­tors clip through bar­ri­cades. Enabling them to be seen and shot in some cas­es.
  • Fixed — It is pos­si­ble to place a bar­ri­cade or rein­force­ment while stand­ing far away from the door/wall.
  • Fixed — Longer delay than intend­ed when switch­ing from BOSG 12.2 to sec­ondary weapon.
  • Fixed — The col­or fil­ter of an obser­va­tion tool goes away if you are brought to low health while watch­ing in it.
  • Fixed — If the walk option is set to tog­gle, the play­er will walk after alt-tab­bing.
  • Fixed — It is pos­si­ble to prone and melee simul­ta­ne­ous­ly with a shield.
  • Fixed — Weapons can clip through the floor if a play­er goes prone and leans.
  • Fixed — Cor­rupt­ed ani­ma­tions hap­pen while switch­ing weapons or throw­ing gad­gets in prone.
  • Fixed — Play­ers receive no dam­age if they rap­pel into Smoke’s Gas Grenade cloud.
  • Fixed — Kill info is not dis­played if the play­er dies from the gad­get of a dead ene­my.
  • Fixed — Defuser ani­ma­tion resets when switch­ing views.
  • Fixed — Tex­tures between rein­force­able and inde­struc­tible walls allow bul­lets to pass through.


    • Fixed — Play­ers are able to use Shock Bat­ter­ies on Castle’s Armored Pan­els using a deploy­able shield.
    • Fixed — Ice tex­tures cov­er the Log­ic Bomb inter­rupt screen when one is per­formed while a defend­er is look­ing at cam­eras.
    • Fixed — Tachanka’s LMG shield is incon­sis­tent and play­ers can be shot through it.
    • Fixed — After rapid­ly switch­ing between his gad­gets and weapons, Tachanka will look bro­ken on 3rd per­son when mount­ing his Mount­ed LMG.
    • Fixed — Shock Drone is unable to pass over some props that have a climbable height.
    • Fixed — The reload ani­ma­tion of the BOSG 12.2 is incor­rect.
    • Fixed — GU mines will get trig­gered if they are placed beneath a rein­forced hatch.
    • Fixed — A gap between 2 rein­force­ments can be cre­at­ed by Mira’s Black Mir­ror
    • Fixed — Shield extend­ing ani­ma­tion resets when switch­ing views.
    • Fixed — Play­ers are able to vault over Montagne’s shield.
    • Fixed — In some instances, rein­forced wall debris will remain float­ing when the rein­forced wall is being destroyed by Hibana’s X-KAIROS Launch­er.
  • Fixed — Right hand becomes off­set on the weapon when Fin­ka acti­vates her Adren­al Surge.
  • Fixed — The fire rate for the Spear .308 is list­ed in menus as 780 RPM, but it is only 700.
  • Fixed — Blitz’s shield’s hit­box­es do not match the curves of his shield.
  • Fixed — Head hit­box clips through the Rifle Shield when stand­ing against some sur­faces.


  • Fixed — Clip­ping occurs for play­ers hid­ing under a desk in 2F Offices and they can receive dam­age.
  • Fixed — Frost traps clip through the cable pro­tec­tors locat­ed in 1F Serv­er Room mak­ing them par­tial­ly invis­i­ble.
  • Fixed — Oper­a­tors can clip through the desk in 2F Archives, 1F Serv­er Room and 1F Ven­ti­la­tion Room.
  • Fixed — Frost’s Wel­come Mat clips through the table in 1F Din­ing Room and becom­ing invis­i­ble.
  • Fixed — Dynam­ic Clip­ping is not present with some inde­struc­tible objects or walls.
  • Fixed — Drone can be placed inside the ceil­ing from 2F Ele­va­tor.
  • Fixed — Drone can be placed inside the ceil­ing from B Cafe­te­ria, giv­ing drone view over mul­ti­ple objec­tive sites.
  • Fixed — Clip­ping issues in mul­ti­ple spots.
  • Fixed — Mul­ti­ple float­ing debris are present after destroy­ing the wall between the 2F Work Office and the 2F Lounge loca­tions.
  • Fixed — Fuze’s clus­ter charges remain stuck and explode inside the ceil­ing if placed close to the mid­dle of the 4th wood­en tile.
  • Fixed — Defend­ers can hide on top of cab­i­net in B Old Office.
  • Fixed — Char­ac­ter mod­el will become invis­i­ble if stand­ing under the stair­case in B Laun­dry Room.
  • Fixed — Shield oper­a­tors can melee defend­ers through met­al blinds.
  • Fixed — It is pos­si­ble to hide inside the pan­el in Elec­tric Room on Kanal.
  • Fixed — In some spots, Fuze’s Clus­ter Charge back­fire killing the play­er that placed it.
  • Fixed — Attack­er can place a drone into the ceil­ing at 2F Engine Util­i­ty.
  • Fixed — A wall from the 2F Hall­way dis­ap­pears when look­ing at it with a Valkyrie cam­era from the oth­er side of the hall­way.
  • Fixed — Play­ers are able to reach the pur­ple tarp in EXT Pool.
  • Fixed — Drones can clip through 1F Kitchen Entrance rooftop.
  • Fixed — Attack­ers can throw a drone inside the wall of Club­house from EXT East­ern sub-roof.
  • Fixed — The Oper­a­tor is clip­ping through the floor when prone on the toi­let.
  • Fixed — Oper­a­tor mod­el can clip through stair fence from 2F Cen­tral Stairs 1F Cen­tral Stairs and B Cen­tral Stairs.
  • Fixed — Play­ers can go out­side through the wall dur­ing the prepa­ra­tion phase.
  • Fixed — Play­ers can shoot ene­mies through the stairs in 1F Great Room.
  • Fixed — Valkyrie can place a cam­eras inside the wall between 1F Cold room and 1F Kitchen.
  • Fixed — Drone can fall out of the map from mul­ti­ple loca­tions.
  • Fixed — Clip­ping issues in mul­ti­ple spots.
  • Fixed — There is space between the win­dow frame and wall at EXT Junk­yard and the play­er can see inside the build­ing.


  • Fixed — Infi­nite load­ing time when using the name sort­ing option in the charms menu.
  • Fixed — Pack col­lec­tion Icon flags are present on Oper­a­tor cards with non-elite uni­forms.
  • Fixed — Gold Vig­il Chibi charm posi­tion makes it clip through shields.
  • Fixed — The smoke effect is no longer coloured from the sec­ond opened Alpha pack onwards.
  • Fixed — Some black col­lec­tion icons are attached to ran­dom weapon skins.
  • Fixed — Graph­ic options are not applied when accept­ing the apply changes on pop­up.
  • Fixed — A slight delay can be seen when scrolling through uni­forms.
  • Fixed — Play­ers can­not hear voice chat from his team­mates.
  • Fixed — Play­ers is returned to main menu instead of next sit­u­a­tion after com­plet­ing the pre­vi­ous one.


  • Fixed – Weapons muz­zle smoke is too thick and obscure the screen.
  • Fixed – The oper­a­tor mod­el will remain in the game if the user leaves the ses­sion while using the obser­va­tion tool.
  • Fixed – Con­stant rat­tle SFX is played if the defuser is dropped on an uneven sur­face.
  • Fixed – Red Dot scopes have thick­ened tex­tures on the lens, caus­ing the user’s view to be par­tial­ly obscured while in ADS.
  • Fixed – Play­er can shoot Mon­tagne feet under the shield when ful­ly extend­ed.
  • Fixed – Shield Oper­a­tors’ head exceed their shields when in crouch posi­tion when still.
  • Fixed – Shot­guns have no recoil when shot rapid­ly.
  • Fixed – Smoke VFX is too thick when hav­ing the sup­pres­sor attached on some weapons.


  • Fixed – Clash’s shield effect are clip­ping through bar­ri­cades when Taser Shield is active.
  • Fixed – Gad­get are able to go through Clash’s elec­tric shield.
  • Fixed – VFX is seen by attacker’s user when Clash uses her shield’s gad­get on the ene­my stand­ing on the oppo­site side of the wall.
  • Fixed – Clash’s shield effects clip through bar­ri­cades when Taser Shield is active.
  • Fixed – The Attack­er will remain slowed if Clash dies at the same time she acti­vates the CCE Shield.
  • Fixed – No muz­zle flash com­ing out of Clash’s bar­rel.
  • Fixed – Clash can be shot through the extend­ed shield if the ene­my is forc­ing col­li­sion with it in prone posi­tion.
  • Fixed – Occa­sion­al­ly, access­ing cam­eras while the Taser Shield is active will make the shield to acti­vate auto­mat­i­cal­ly the next time it is equipped.
  • Fixed – Play­er can melee or Shoot oper­a­tors clip­ping trought Mira black mir­ror Glass
  • Fixed – The red Hinge on a rein­forced wall is not destroyed by the breach­ing torch cre­at­ing a one-way hole.
  • Fixed – Maverick’s Suri Torch (ADD) deals 5 dam­age instead of 2 dam­age.
  • FUZE
  • Fixed – Fuze is unable to place a Clus­ter Charge while rap­pelling.
  • Fixed – Clus­ter Charge can be placed on the frame of the rein­forced hatch.
  • Fixed – Blackbeard’s HUD shield icon doesn’t change when dam­aged.
  • Fixed – Inter­ac­tion zone to remove Cas­tle Armor Pan­els is not broad enough.
  • Fixed – Capitao’s PRB92 is named Lui­son.
  • Fixed – The eject­ed bul­let car­tridges from Capitao’s M249 float around the oper­a­tor.


  • Fixed – Injec­tion port cov­er is clip­ping with Ela’s weapon’s han­dle.
  • Fixed – GIGN P9 pis­tol ejects 2 bul­let car­tridges from a sin­gle shot in 3rd per­son.
  • Fixed – Exhaust gas­es are miss­ing or delayed on SMGs for first shot when using the Flash Hider, depend­ing on the car­di­nal direc­tion.
  • Fixed – Play­ers los­es most abil­i­ty to close the Options menu if they applies changes in a spe­cif­ic man­ner.
  • Fixed – Play­ers are able to join anoth­er ranked ses­sion after they were kicked out of a ses­sion due to team kill.
  • Fixed – Drone sound will per­sist after it has been destroyed while mov­ing.
  • Fixed – Breach­ing torch leaves float­ing debris on the bot­tom part of walls.
  • Fixed – The user is kicked with delay after per­form­ing teamkills and no penal­ty is received after­wards and also Syn­chro­niz­ing Data mes­sage is present on AAR screen.
  • Fixed – The AAR Bonus tab will not update and the user will see the mes­sage “Please wait, syn­chro­niz­ing data…”.

Source: Rain­bow Six Siege Web­site