Today, Rock­star offi­cial­ly announced Red Dead Online is no longer in the beta phase. This news came along with a large update, which brought world updates, new mis­sions, pok­er and more. A range of improve­ments have also been made to sta­bi­lize Red Dead Online.

Rock­star thanked every­one who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the beta, stat­ing, “feed­back has been instru­men­tal in help­ing us fine tune the game so far with many of your sug­ges­tions imple­ment­ed in today’s update.”

They also men­tioned Red Dead Online will con­tin­ue to see improve­ments to the “core ele­ments” of the world, but also brand-new expe­ri­ences that estab­lish a “deep­er, more immer­sive con­nec­tion to the world and your char­ac­ter.”

New Co-op Missions

A Land of Oppor­tu­ni­ties con­tin­ues the saga of Jes­si­ca LeClerk, for both hon­or­able and dis­hon­or­able play­ers. You’ll be help­ing Mrs. LeClerk get clos­er to the truth behind the mur­der of her hus­band. In the Gun­slinger path, bat­tle the Del Lobos gang and help Mar­shall Davies save Valen­tine.

In the Out­law path, out­smart law­men to assist Sam­son Finch in the rob­bery of the Saint Denis Bank. Both paths will lead to a ren­dezvous in Black­wa­ter where you’ll meet a dan­ger­ous ene­my.

Free Roam Missions

Red Dead Online Got a Huge Update Today; Is No Longer in Beta

Free Roam Mis­sions are expand­ed today, with new char­ac­ters from the sto­ry of Red Dead Redemp­tion 2 and a vari­ety of mis­sion types. You and your posse can meet with Thomas the Skiff Cap­tain for hon­est work or vis­it Aberdeen Pig Farms to “get your hands extreme­ly dirty”.

Posse Versus Challenges

Com­pet­i­tive fish­ing is now avail­able on-demand in one of the three new Posse Ver­sus Chal­lenges. Posse lead­ers can use the Play­er Menu to start com­pe­ti­tions in the Biggest Fish Con­test, the Bird Shoot­ing Con­test, or the Herb Pick­ing Con­test.

Dynamic Events

Ran­dom encoun­ters with towns­folk and trav­el­ers, either in need of assis­tance or look­ing to rob peo­ple blind, has also been added to Red Dead Online. Many of these encoun­ters offer XP, Hon­or, Cash and even Gold Rewards.


Red Dead Online Got a Huge Update Today; Is No Longer in Beta

Pok­er tables can now be found at towns and out­posts across the map. You can chal­lenge your friends to a pri­vate, invite-only game or take a seat at a Pub­lic table, where buy-ins and rewards are high­er. All pok­er tables seat up to six play­ers and is cur­rent­ly avail­able in five loca­tions:

  • Black­wa­ter
  • Saint Denis
  • Tum­ble­weed
  • Valen­tine
  • Flat­neck Sta­tion

Overrun Showdown Mode

Red Dead Online Got a Huge Update Today; Is No Longer in Beta

In this new Show­down mode, claim as much land as you can, cap­tur­ing ter­ri­to­ry from your oppo­nents, while defend­ing your own. Who­ev­er holds the most land at the end, wins.

LeMat Revolver, Clothing and More

The LeMat Revolver has a 9-round revolv­ing cham­ber and a sec­ondary bar­rel for one buck­shot round. You can switch between rapid-fire bul­lets and a shot­gun shell, now avail­able from the Wheel­er, Raw­son and Co. Cat­a­logue.

Some high­ly request­ed cloth­ing options, includ­ing Pon­chos, pat­terned Ban­danas and more — have also been added today. New emotes like Throat Slit and Flip Off, have also been added to the inven­to­ry. The Catalogue’s inven­to­ry will be com­ing and going often, so check in every week to see what’s new.

Right now, all play­er who jump into Red Dead Online this week will get a gift of 15 Gold Bars and a 25% increase of XP on A Land of Oppor­tu­ni­ties, Free Roam Mis­sions, Show­down Modes, Races and Free Roam Events. There will also be a 25% extra Cash and Gold in chests con­tain­ing them. All Ulti­mate Edi­tion own­ers will also be get­ting a gift of RDO$100 and the Throat Slit emote for free.

Playing Styles

Today’s update also brings changes to how you inter­act with play­ers inside the world of Red Dead Online. You now have the option to choose between an Offen­sive or Defen­sive play­ing style, which can be adjust­ed in the Play­er Menu.

Offen­sive is set as the default and is how “most play­ers tra­di­tion­al­ly inter­act in Free Roam.” This allows play­ers to engage in a hos­tile way towards oth­er play­ers.

The Defen­sive play style is for those who would rather explore in Free Roam than engage in con­flict. It’s designed to let oth­er play­ers known you don’t want any trou­ble, and min­i­mizes oppor­tu­ni­ties for grief­ing. Defen­sive play­ers will not be alert­ed to PvP Free Roam mis­sions and can not be pulled into them while in Defen­sive mode.

Play­ers in Defen­sive mode can be seen with a shield icon, will take reduced dam­age from ene­my play­ers, can­not be las­soed, melee attacked, exe­cut­ed or tar­get­ed with auto-aim. Defen­sive play­ers will also be exclud­ed from tar­get­ed PvP-relat­ed mis­sions, such as Play­er Assas­si­na­tion. For those who attack Defen­sive play­ers, you can expect hefty penal­ties via the Hos­til­i­ty sys­tem. Play­ers who ini­ti­ate con­flict while in Defen­sive mode will be instant­ly pulled out and also receive sim­i­lar Hos­til­i­ty penal­ties.

The Hostility System

This sys­tem tracks aggres­sive behav­ior across both play­ing styles, mak­ing hos­tile play­ers vis­i­ble to oth­ers. It also helps to bal­ance the needs of play­ers who “want to get away from oth­ers who habit­u­al­ly attack or kill dur­ing unstruc­tured Free Roam game­play.”

The blip chang­ing col­or based on the hos­til­i­ty of the play­er, hasn’t changed. How­ev­er, play­ers will now nev­er receive Hos­til­i­ty or Boun­ty increase for defend­ing them­selves against a play­er who is blipped as an ene­my, or for killing high Hos­til­i­ty play­ers.

You can view your cur­rent Hos­til­i­ty lev­el through the Play­er Menu. As you become more hos­tile, you also become more vis­i­ble on oth­er player’s radars at longer dis­tances. You’ll also respawn fur­ther and fur­ther away from your point of death. At the high­est lev­el of Hos­til­i­ty, you’ll respawn in a dif­fer­ent region.

Hos­til­i­ty increas­es don’t apply with­in struc­tured events. Engag­ing in bad behav­ior relat­ed to Free Roam mis­sions will no incur Hos­til­i­ty increas­es while in the Offen­sive play style. How­ev­er, attack­ing play­ers not engaged in the activ­i­ty will cause your Hos­til­i­ty to rise.

Balancing and Improvements

Red Dead Online Got a Huge Update Today; Is No Longer in Beta

Removed Auto-Aim Head­shot Track­ing (Ene­my Play­ers Only): This sub­tle but impor­tant change affects the way play­ers can earn head­shots against rival play­ers. While auto-aim still tracks to the cen­ter mass of an ene­my play­er, you will no longer be able to sim­ply flick up on the Right Stick to gain a head­shot. This makes earn­ing head­shots slight­ly more chal­leng­ing, which in turn makes com­pet­i­tive game­play such as Show­down series more reward­ing and bal­anced.

Faster Weapon Swaps/Instant Pro­jec­tile Light­ing: We have increased the speed of weapon swaps across the board, includ­ing instant pro­jec­tile light­ing to make throw­ing fire bot­tles and dyna­mite faster. 

New Con­trol Scheme – “FPS2”: In response to com­mu­ni­ty feed­back we’ve added a new con­trol scheme FPS2 (+vari­ants). This fol­lows our ‘FPS’ lay­out but moves sprint to [R1] and crouch to [X]. (This option is avail­able in both Red Dead Redemp­tion 2 and Red Dead Online).

Dai­ly Chal­lenge Updates: In response to your feed­back, we’ve removed all PvP-relat­ed Dai­ly Chal­lenges from Free Roam and added a num­ber of new Dai­ly Chal­lenges and Rewards, includ­ing Chal­lenge Streaks with pro­gres­sive­ly increas­ing Gold rewards.

New Awards: Sev­er­al new awards in Free Roam have been added includ­ing awards asso­ci­at­ed with the lat­est game­play.

Glob­al Sig­nal Timers: Play­ers tack­ling Free Roam Mis­sions will have a bit more flex­i­bil­i­ty to oper­ate with an increased glob­al sig­nal timer and a reduced range at which play­ers are sig­naled.

Press Charges: When a low­er Hos­til­i­ty play­er is killed with­out retal­i­at­ing they will have an option to “Press Charges” dur­ing the respawn peri­od, which will enforce an increase on their attacker’s Hos­til­i­ty and Boun­ty val­ue. Press Charges is not avail­able if you are a high Hos­til­i­ty play­er or marked as an ene­my to the play­er who killed you.

Horse Spe­cial­ty Selec­tion: You can now use the Play­er Menu to pre­set which of your owned hors­es you would like to use in Free Roam, Races, Show­down Modes and on mis­sions.

Increased Gold Pay­outs: We have adjust­ed the econ­o­my to increase Gold pay­outs across the board, with most Gold-earn­ing activ­i­ties now award­ing up to dou­ble the pre­vi­ous amount. Start­ing today for a lim­it­ed time, play­ers will also receive 1 Gold Bar per rank they progress.

Exclusive PlayStation Plus Offer*

PS4 play­ers with­out a PlaySta­tion Plus sub­scrip­tion will be able to play Red Dead Online from now until May 27th. All PS4 play­ers will see Ear­ly Access con­tent com­ing soon.

You can see more about what lies ahead for Red Dead Online, here.

Source: Rock­star