Last week, Rock­star released it’s first “sig­nif­i­cant” update and plan on imple­ment­ing more through the com­ing months. Today marks the addi­tions of a weapon and a new Free Roam event.

The Evans Repeater has been added to the Wheel­er, Raw­son & Co catat­louge. It’s great at medi­um to long range dis­tances, has a high bul­let capac­i­ty and a high rate of fire. You also have cus­tomiza­tion options like Stocks, Sights and Wraps.

Red Dead Online Has New Additions Today

New Free Roam — Fool’s Gold

Red Dead Online Has New Additions Today

In Fool’s Gold, you’ll bat­tle oth­er play­ers to wear the Gold­en Armor. Tak­ing down oppo­nents while wear­ing it earns your points, as well as tak­ing down some­one wear­ing Gold­en Armor.

In addi­tion to Fool’s Gold, there’s five Free Roam events reg­u­lar­ly tak­ing place:

  • Cold Dead Hands: Fight for con­trol over a tar­get for the longest amount of time.
  • Com­pet­i­tive Chal­lenges: Com­pete to get the high­est score in a giv­en, ran­dom­ly-select­ed chal­lenge with­in a set time lim­it (cur­rent­ly includes Bow, Head­shot, Horse­back, Lon­garm, and Sidearm Kill Chal­lenges).
  • Dis­patch Rid­er: Poss­es com­pete to be the first to deliv­er a horse to the assigned des­ti­na­tion.
  • King of the Cas­tle: Com­pete to gain and main­tain con­trol of the cas­tle area by stay­ing alive inside of it — who­ev­er con­trols the active area for the high­est per­cent­age of the event time wins.
  • Mas­ter Archer: Com­pete to score the most points by hit­ting the most tar­gets as accu­rate­ly as you can with­in the time lim­it.

You can access any Free Roam event by accept­ing the alert pop-up invite. If a Posse leader accepts an invite to a Free Roam, all mem­bers of the Posse will join that event. Rock­star has stat­ed they will add new Free Roam Events.

New Care Package

In appre­ci­a­tion for the sup­port the
com­mu­ni­ty has giv­en Rock­star, they’re giv­ing away a spe­cial care pack­age. You can redeem it either at your camp’s lock­box or at any post office. It includes:

  • 60x High Veloc­i­ty Pis­tol Ammo
  • 60x High Veloc­i­ty Repeater Ammo
  • 2x Fire Bot­tles
  • 8x Fire Arrows
  • 2x Jol­ly Jack’s
  • 2x Potent Horse Med­i­cine
  • 1x Lake Lure


Any­one who com­pletes five Dai­ly Chal­lenges, from now until March 11th, will also be gift­ed on Spe­cial Spin­ner next week.

Red Dead Online Has New Additions Today

Source: Rock­star