Yes­ter­day, Rock­star sur­pris­ing­ly revealed the launch of Red Dead Online after the com­pa­ny stat­ed online would be avail­able a month after Red Dead Redemp­tion 2’s release. How­ev­er, the announce­ment comes with crit­i­cism, as the sched­ule for releas­ing it to the play­ers appears to be elit­ist. 

The sched­ule start­ed today, with all Ulti­mate Edi­tion own­ers able to cur­rent­ly access it. Xbox One play­ers, for now, can’t even get into Red Dead Online. Rock­star is aware of the issue and is try­ing to fix it. There have been no reports from PS4 users. 

Aside from the already rocky launch, Red Dead Online is high­ly antic­i­pat­ed with­in the gam­ing com­mu­ni­ty. So much so that peo­ple are infu­ri­at­ed by the online release sched­ule. Many peo­ple feel it’s unfair, as peo­ple have work/children/life and weren’t actu­al­ly able to play until lat­er than the open­ing week­end. Oth­ers feel that every­one bought the game, so every­one deserves to get on, on the same day. 

If you haven’t seen the list, you can see it below:

  • Tues­day, Novem­ber 27th: All Red Dead Redemp­tion 2: Ulti­mate Edi­tion own­ers. Please note, play­ers who pur­chased the phys­i­cal Ulti­mate Edi­tion must redeem the Ulti­mate Edi­tion code in the pack­ag­ing to be eli­gi­ble
  • Wednes­day, Novem­ber 28th: All play­ers who played Red Dead Redemp­tion 2 on Octo­ber 26th (accord­ing to Rockstar’s data)
  • Thurs­day, Novem­ber 29th: All play­ers who played Red Dead Redemp­tion 2 between Octo­ber 26th to Octo­ber 29th (accord­ing to Rockstar’s data)
  • Fri­day, Novem­ber 30th: All play­ers who own Red Dead Redemp­tion 2

Source: Rock­star