Today on Rock­et Leagues com­mu­ni­ty news forum, Psy­onix announced the lat­est on their upcom­ing update v1.34 and all that it will bring.

v1.34 is com­ing to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a few day, on Wednes­day, May 10th in the U.S. and May 11th in Europe sim­ply because of the time dif­fer­ence. 

Rocket Leagues Upcoming Update: Check it Out

 Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Under­pass 

Neo Tokyo” has been added back and is redesigned as a Stan­dard are­na. The scenery will stay the same, to give it that big city Tokyo feel, but the par­al­lel ramps are removed on either sides of the goals. “Neo Tokyo” will be return­ing to all playlists, includ­ing Com­pet­i­tive, and will be avail­able for Pri­vate match use as well.  

They are keep­ing the orig­i­nal “Neo Tokyo” are­na in Rock­et League, but under a new name ” Tokyo Under­pass”. The new name, but old look Are­na, will be avail­able in offline and Pri­vate match­es only for now. “Tokyo Under­pass” is also replac­ing the orig­i­nal “Under­pass” map, which will be removed from rota­tion start­ing with this update.

Rocket Leagues Upcoming Update: Check it Out

New Bat­tle-Car 

Avail­able as a lim­it­ed time drop in inside the newest crate (explained below) is the Man­tis, a car appar­ent­ly a lot of play­ers have been ask­ing for since the Bat­man v Super­man DLC update back in 2016. Man­tis is ful­ly cus­tomiz­able, but has the same low, flat hit­box and turn radius as the Bat­mo­bile. They are also intro­duc­ing six new decals with Man­tis: Arrow­head, Bat­tle­worn, Kaze, Maxx, Roast­ed, and Uproar.

Nitrous Crates 

These new crates include the Man­tis Bat­tle-Car which was men­tioned above. Also includes lim­it­ed-drop Wheels, Decals, Rock­et Trails, and Black Mar­ket cus­tomiza­tions.

Rocket Leagues Upcoming Update: Check it Out