Rock­star has been pump­ing out updates, for both Red Dead Online and GTA Online (it had an update today), at a steady rate for months now. Today they announced major changes com­ing to Red Dead Online in a future update this sum­mer.

They’ll be intro­duc­ing spe­cial­ists roles — each of which will pro­vide a dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ence with tai­lored game­play and ben­e­fits for the play­er. Rock­star hopes play­ers will “become even more deeply con­nect­ed to their char­ac­ter and the choic­es they makes.”

Bounty Hunter

Rockstar Games Details Upcoming Update for Red Dead Online

Becom­ing a Boun­ty Hunter leaves you fight­ing for both sides of the law. They can track down tar­gets and cap­ture or kill, depend­ing on how hon­or­able you are dur­ing the pur­suit. Near­by play­ers with a high enough boun­ty can also be tar­gets. Pro­gress­ing through will unlock spe­cial items like a rein­forced las­so, intri­cate gun-spin­ning tricks and advanced track­ing skills, like the abil­i­ty to use Eagle-Eye while sprint­ing and on horse­back.


Rockstar Games Details Upcoming Update for Red Dead Online

This char­ac­ter allows you to estab­lish and devel­op a busi­ness from your Camp, take on new oppor­tu­ni­ties to col­lect mate­ri­als and pro­duce valu­ables to sell. Increas­ing your skill unlocks upgrades to your Camp, like a Weapons Lock­er, Stew Pot and even allows any canine com­pan­ion to warn or impend­ing attacks on the Camp. As you expand, new skills can improve your satchel or add new assists like hunt­ing wag­ons.


Rockstar Games Details Upcoming Update for Red Dead Online

As the name might sug­gest, this char­ac­ter explores the world for rare and valu­able items. There’s a mys­tic trav­el­ing sales­woman you must find in the wild to begin the Collector’s path. Search for lost jew­el­ry, rare arrow­heads and oth­er trea­sures, which can be sold indi­vid­u­al­ly or in high val­ue sets. Pro­gres­sion with the Col­lec­tor grants access to tools that help you find items, includ­ing Refined Binoc­u­lars, a Horse Lantern and even a Met­al Detec­tor. There’s also addi­tion­al skills to help dis­cov­er Red Dead Online’s rar­i­ties.

Each char­ac­ter role evolves and shapes the play­er expe­ri­ence with­in the world, as well as the char­ac­ters around you. You can choose to progress across all three spe­cial­ists roles or play as just the role of your choice.

More infor­ma­tion on the spe­cial­ists roles will be revealed with­in the com­ing weeks.

Source: Rock­star Games