RuneScape, That game pret­ty much every­one has tried once or twice over the last 16 years is now com­ing to mobile devices. Devel­op­er Jagex announced today that RuneScape was com­ing to mobile and would cross play with PC.

Both RuneScape and Old-School RuneScape will be avail­able on mobile, with Old-School being avail­able first this win­ter, With Mod­ern RuneScape com­ing at an undis­closed date after that.

The RuneScape titles will become the first main­stream and estab­lished West­ern MMORPGs on mobile in full and the first to deliv­er cross-plat­form play between PC and mobile plat­forms,” - Jagex, Devel­op­er Of RuneScape

RuneScape mobile will sup­port cross-play with PC, mean­ing you can play with your friends regard­less of plat­form, seam­less­ly.

Will you be pick­ing RuneScape Mobile up?