Rare revealed a new trail­er for their upcom­ing DLC, Cursed Sails, which is set to launch on July 31st. Like The Hun­ger­ing Deep (released back in March), this con­tent update will be free. 


Accord­ing to the devs, play­ers will be encoun­ter­ing ships filled with skele­tal maraud­ers while trav­el­ing the sea. Appar­ent­ly, they “ter­ror­ize Out­posts” and have “fortress-like ships”. 

To com­bat these skele­ton foes, the Galleon and Sloop get some com­pa­ny in the form of the Brig­an­tine, a new ship type specif­i­cal­ly tai­lored for a crew of three. An Alliance sys­tem was added to encour­age crews to band togeth­er. 

To learn more about the Cursed Sails update, just go to Rare’s web­site.

Source: Rare