For those of you still sail­ing the high seas, anoth­er patch has been released for Sea of Thieves. It’s only been a week since Rare launched the game’s year one anniver­sary update.

Rare stat­ed they’re team is cur­rent­ly focused on “going through your feed­back to see what improve­ments and fix­es we can get to you as soon as pos­si­ble.”

You can see the full patch notes below:

Release Notes 2.0.1

Fixed Issues


  • Play­ers will now con­sis­tent­ly be able to see their health bar when bring­ing up the equip­ment radi­al. 
  • Improved inac­tiv­i­ty detec­tion to bet­ter iden­ti­fy inac­tive play­ers across the Sea of Thieves. 

The Hunter’s Call

  • Alliance mem­bers will now cor­rect­ly receive ‘hand in’ noti­fi­ca­tions when oth­er mem­bers of their alliance hand in Hunter’s Call items. 
  • Cast­ing a line while swim­ming under­wa­ter is now pre­vent­ed. 
  • Har­poon teth­er­ing of an object now behaves cor­rect­ly through serv­er migra­tion. 

The Are­na

  • Ship flags shown on the ship’s map table will no longer show incor­rect iconog­ra­phy fol­low­ing a migra­tion. 
  • Play­er instru­ments are no longer mut­ed while the tav­ern and con­test count­down music plays. 
  • When start­ing a con­test, the score­board will now show the cor­rect score when dig­ging up the first chest. 
  • Play­ers should now con­sis­tent­ly hold onto their cloth­ing and equip­ment load­out when enter­ing or leav­ing a con­test. 

Tall Tales – Shores of Gold

  • Open­ing a Collector’s Chest while hold­ing it can no longer cause the items inside to ‘pop’ out. 
  • Turn­ing a puz­zle block while it is under­wa­ter will cor­rect­ly show bub­ble VFX
  • Read­ing a quest book while run­ning in the rain no longer caus­es visu­al issues. 
  • Items stored inside Collector’s Chests should now always be vis­i­ble and col­lec­table when mov­ing and reopen­ing the chest. 
  • The Shroud­break­er’ – Ambush skele­tons should no longer spawn on top of each oth­er. 
  • The Leg­endary Sto­ry­teller’ – Play­ers can now see the key on Mermaid’s Hide­away once it is dug up rather than a float­ing tooltip. 
  • The Leg­endary Sto­ry­teller’ – Play­ers los­ing Briggsy’s Chest before they have removed the quest items will now be informed as to why their Tale has failed. 
  • Wild Rose’ – Adjust­ed a Collector’s Chest dig site to avoid clip­ping with a bar­rel placed close by. 
  • The Art of the Trick­ster’ – The Rum Bot­tle Spy­glass should no longer revert to an incor­rect mod­el on some occa­sions when viewed in the radi­al menu. 
  • Revenge of the Morn­ingstar’ – When plac­ing the final Tale Items on the altar, they will now be on the cor­rect plinths and fac­ing in the right direc­tion. 
  • Revenge of the Morn­ingstar’ – All crew mem­bers should now cor­rect­ly receive the Morn­ingstar Out­fit when retrieved from the Morn­ingstar Chest. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Com­pass Vault no longer has areas where play­ers can become stuck in geom­e­try and get tele­port­ed out to a safe loca­tion. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Adjust­ed var­i­ous areas of the chasm where play­ers could get out or see out of the envi­ron­ment. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Cen­tral rock for­ma­tion can no longer cause play­ers to become stuck. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Play­ers who are left behind after their crew engage the Gold Hoard­er will no longer cre­ate incor­rect check­points in the chasm after the encounter, caus­ing them to become trapped. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Play­ers los­ing the Gold Hoarder’s Coin will now cor­rect­ly fail the Tall Tale and must return to Morrow’s Peak to restart. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Skele­ton Ships will no longer spawn for crews inside the Shores of Gold shroud. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Fol­low­ing Tale com­ple­tion, the Shroud­break­er should no longer reap­pear attached to your ship when return­ing to the world. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Gold Hoard­er Skele­tons will no longer rude­ly inter­rupt the final cutscene if they weren’t destroyed dur­ing the encounter. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Skele­tons should now path more pre­dictably out­side the Com­pass Vault. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Skele­tons that spawn inside the chasms will now auto­mat­i­cal­ly attack near­by play­ers to pre­vent crews from rais­ing the cap­stans with­out engag­ing. 
  • The Shores of Gold’ – Adjust­ed tim­ing on the Shores of Gold approach sequence to ensure the island ban­ner audio­vi­su­al cue does not clash with the shroud music. 

Known Issues

  • Pirate Fea­ture Loss – After Are­na ses­sions, play­ers may find that their pirate los­es equip­ment, cloth­ing and/or van­i­ty chest selec­tions. While play­ers can re-equip most items, this has the poten­tial to affect fea­tures such as eye colour, age etc. If you are affect­ed by this issue, please raise a sup­port tick­et with our Play­er Sup­port team for us to address. 
  • Collector’s Chest Migra­tion – Dur­ing any Tall Tale, play­ers who open a Collector’s Chest, leave the chest behind and sub­se­quent­ly migrate may find that their Tale fails.
  • Shroud­break­er Migra­tion – Dur­ing ‘The Shroud­break­er’ Tall Tale, play­ers who migrate servers after retriev­ing the Shroud­break­er may not receive Tale progress when return­ing to the Mys­te­ri­ous Stranger. 
  • Incor­rect Play­er Spawn­ing – In rare cas­es, play­ers may find that return­ing from the Fer­ry of the Damned or using a mer­maid tele­ports them to incor­rect loca­tions in the world rather than back to their ship. 
  • Health Bar UI Delays – When regen­er­at­ing health from cooked food, tak­ing dam­age may cause a delay to the health bar update. 
  • Sea Dogs Tav­ern Pur­chase Delays – Play­ers who pur­chase an item from the Sea Dog Tav­ern shop short­ly before migrat­ing to a new serv­er will not imme­di­ate­ly see the pur­chase in their inven­to­ry. The pur­chase has been suc­cess­ful, but will only be shown when the play­er returns to the tav­ern after their next con­test. 
  • Miss­ing Phras­es on Food Items – Some food items show avail­able phras­es in the pirate chat radi­al, but select­ing them will not cor­rect­ly send them to oth­er play­ers. 

We are con­tin­u­ing to work on res­o­lu­tions for all these issues for a future update.

Download and Installation

Down­load size:

Xbox One: 2.62 GB 
Xbox One X: 2.62 GB 
Win­dows 10: 4.45 GB