Sham­rock and Awe is Live in Call Of Duty WWII. This St. Patricks Day themed event run­ning now — April 3rd, brings some new weapons, new weapon vari­ants, uni­forms, weapon charms and more. 

Shamrock and Awe Event Live In Call Of Duty WWII

2 new weapons were also added:MG81 LMG and M‑38 SMG. Both of these are avail­able via drops and com­plet­ing the col­lec­tions via the quar­ter­mas­ter. 

New Uni­forms, Gun Orna­ments and ret­i­cles are also avail­able in drops and col­lec­tions.

Shamrock and Awe Event Live In Call Of Duty WWII









The Lep­rechaun mosh­pit will cycle between Team Death­match, Hard­point, Kill Con­firmed and Dom­i­na­tion but with a hid­den zom­bie lep­rechaun on the map. Find and kill the lit­tle guy and all your equipped score-streaks will be avail­able for use. This playlist will be crazy.

Check out the awe­some trail­er for Oper­a­tion Sham­rock and Awe below!

This event will be great thanks to todays patch that changes how loot drops pre­form. 

Call Of Duty WWII Patch and FREE New Map Live Now