A for­mer group of devel­op­ers who worked for Lion­head on the Fable series, have revealed the newest project and it looks very sim­i­lar to Stardew Val­ley (if you are famil­iar with that). 

It has been titled “Kynseed” and is described as “a whim­si­cal sand­box adven­ture”, where play­ers make “choic­es that impact gen­er­a­tions to come.” It is a 2D RPG much in the same way as Stardew, were farm­ing is the main attrac­tion. Most of this game play­ers will be watch­ing crops and rais­ing live­stock, but at some point you branch out, maybe run a tav­ern.   

Char­ac­ters you meet remem­ber what actions you take (so behave, or don’t), though these NPC’s have a shelf life and do age and pass on. Your own char­ac­ter will some­day die, at which point you take con­trol of your chil­dren and con­tin­ue through many gen­er­a­tions. Even though that sounds creepy and messed up. 

Lion­head was shut down by Microsoft last year in March, lead­ing to the can­cel­la­tion of Fable Leg­ends. Devel­op­ers from the for­mer stu­dio found­ed Pix­el­Count and Kynseed is the studio’s first inde­pen­dent game launch, set for Decem­ber of  2018.

Right now, Pix­el­Count is rais­ing funds for the devel­op­ment of Kynseed through Kick­starter, with the goal being $38,850. They cur­rent­ly have $14,931. Kynseed is in devel­op­ment for PC, though they are plan­ning to bring it to con­soles. You can down­load a free ver­sion of the game from the Kick­starter page.