The lat­est patch released for The Divi­sion 2 was not large in size (a lit­tle over 5GB), but it packed a major punch. It appears the team over at Mas­sive has been list­ing to the feed­back pro­vid­ed by the play­ers.

Inva­sion: Bat­tle for D.C. kicked off after the release of the patch and is part of the free updates every­one receives. In includes the intro­duc­tion of World Tier 5 — which push­es the gear score cap to 500, a new Strong­hold — Tidal Basin, three new gear sets (only avail­able once you reach WT5) and more.

This patch includes sev­er­al bug fix­es that we much need­ed, like play­ers unable to upgrade their craft­ing bench after achiev­ing a new World Tier. It also includes major adjust­ments to the Skill Pow­er require­ment for all Skill mods and removed all neg­a­tive effects from weapon mods. You can see the rest of the patch below:

The Division 2 Patch Notes — April 5th, 2019

Weapons, Mods and Gear:

  • Over­hauled the Weapon mod sys­tem, see the table at the end of the patch notes for detailed infor­ma­tion.
  • Fixed a wrong long-range dam­age val­ue for M4 (super 90) and P416. Pre­vi­ous­ly, they could some­times increase dam­age over longer ranges instead of the oth­er way around.
  • Rifles:
    • Dam­age on the MK17 rifle reduced by 14%, also cor­rect­ed this weapon not hav­ing a dam­age falloff over dis­tance.
    • LW M4 dam­age increased by 5%, RPM increased from 240 to 360.
    • LVOA-C RPM increased from 240 to 380.

  • Marks­man Rifles
    • Mod­el 700 dam­age reduced by 13%.

  • Shot­guns
    • AA12 dam­age increased by 16%.

  • LMGs
    • MG5 dam­age increased by 12% and fixed reversed falloff, caus­ing the weapon to do more dam­age over a longer range.

  • Updat­ed ini­tial accu­ra­cy on the Sig Sniper MCmil­lan T1. It should now be much more reli­able to shoot as soon as it’s shoul­dered and the tran­si­tion to scoped view is over.
  • Reduced the amount of Crit­i­cal Dam­age and Head­shot Dam­age that can roll on Gear, includ­ing the amount on exist­ing Gear. The actu­al val­ues will dif­fer depend­ing on the lev­el and qual­i­ty of the gear it occurs on. This is par­tial­ly in prepa­ra­tion for anoth­er world tier, where we felt these val­ues were already at the lim­it of what was healthy in WT4.
  • Com­plete over­haul of skill mods to give more achiev­able require­ments and more rea­son­able bonus­es.
    • A clos­er equiv­a­lence between required skill pow­er and the bonus­es grant­ed.
    • Changed the amount of skill pow­er on gear to not increase expo­nen­tial­ly with lev­el, but instead more lin­ear­ly. This results in most skill pow­er val­ues on gear being low­er, but in accor­dance with the low­ered require­ments.
    • Tweaked the ranges of bonus­es to be with­in accept­able bounds where they had extreme val­ues before due to scal­ing errors. Most notably radius and ammo/charges val­ues.
    • Play­ers will see both the bonus­es and the require­ments of almost all skill mods change as a result of this over­haul.
    • In end game, both Supe­ri­or and High-End skill mods exist to cov­er the dif­fer­ent needs of dif­fer­ent builds. They can over­lap in pow­er, but High-End mods have a high­er max­i­mum roll poten­tial.
    • We are look­ing at ways to pro­vide low­er value/quality mods in end game world tiers in the future to pro­vide a solu­tion to the fact that on very low skill pow­er builds, there would be room for those mods, and cur­rent­ly we are aware that means you have to save mods from your lev­el­ing expe­ri­ence.

Play­er Skills:

  • Fixed an issue which caused the Bom­bardier Drone to get destroyed while climb­ing up/down a lad­der or rope.
  • Improved feed­back of Bom­bardier Drone crash­ing into obsta­cles dur­ing the bomb­ing phase.
  • Fixed an issue with Fire­fly pay­load some­times fail­ing to acti­vate when reach­ing its tar­get.
  • Fixed an issue where Revive hive would not self-deploy if the agent was busy per­form­ing a dif­fer­ent action such as using dif­fer­ent skill when it trig­gered.
  • Revamped the Sniper Tur­ret ver­sion of the tur­ret skill.
    • It now will auto­mat­i­cal­ly tar­get the hos­tile near­est to the play­ers’ cen­ter-of-screen (the same method it uses to pick oth­er tur­ret tar­gets) and will fire at that tar­get when the but­ton is pressed, with­out a lock-on order need­ed.
    • If a play­er aims at a hos­tile, the sniper tur­ret will attempt to match their aim, allow­ing pre­ci­sion shots using the sniper tur­ret.
    • An issue where the sniper tur­ret wasn’t cor­rect­ly get­ting bonus dam­age when hit­ting head­shots has been fixed.

  • Revamped the Chem launch­er skill plat­form.
    • Press­ing the skill but­ton will now equip the chem launch­er sim­i­lar to swap­ping to a weapon. The play­er can aim and shoot with nor­mal weapon con­trols, as well as run with the skill and blind­fire it.
    • Quick deploy at the agents own posi­tion is still avail­able for the repair ver­sion of the chem launch­er, using the same con­trols as before.
    • Unequip­ping the Chem launch­er can be done using the skill but­ton, the B (XBOX) / Cir­cle (PS4) but­ton or just using the weapon swap con­trols.

Loot & Rewards:

  • Con­trol Point reward con­tain­ers are giv­ing the cor­rect num­ber of items for the cor­re­spond­ing Con­trol Point’s defense lev­el. Defense lev­el 4 now awards 5 items instead of 3.
  • Reduced DZ XP gain from Land­marks in Dark Zones.
  • Reduced the qual­i­ty and pow­er for items dropped in Pro­pa­gan­da Broad­cast and one drop of Set­tle­ment Block­ade activ­i­ties to be more in line with oth­er open world ene­mies and activ­i­ties.
  • Updat­ed XP rewards for low-lev­el play­er play­ing in World Tiers to scale with play­er lev­el.
  • Sup­ply Drop activ­i­ty loot con­tain­er items now scale with every con­sec­u­tive con­tain­er you open. This includes low­er­ing the reward of the first crate, but results in sim­i­lar rewards for the activ­i­ty as a whole.
  • Added 5 Spe­cial­ized Appar­el Cache Keys, award­ed with lev­els 2 – 4.
    • As a thank you for play­ing, all play­ers that played before April 4 get 5 Spe­cial­ized Appar­el Keys, regard­less of their lev­el.
    • Appar­el Keys will be com­ing for those play­ers lat­er next week.

  • Fac­tion Key loot drops from Boun­ties are now guar­an­teed and are dis­played in the loot pre­view.
  • Adjust­ed boun­ty cred­it rewards to use scal­ing val­ues in World Tiers instead of flat val­ues so if a low­er lev­el play­er is play­ing with a high­er-lev­el play­er, they will receive an amount of cred­its more appro­pri­ate for their lev­el.
  • Changed Skill Unlock rewards to be non-invad­ed only so that play­ers who co-op with a high­er-lev­el friend to play invad­ed before play­ing on sto­ry won’t receive the rewards.
  • Added Appar­el cache key frag­ments to the PvP reward caches.
  • Adjust­ed the rewards for the street exe­cu­tion activ­i­ty to give slight­ly low­er quality/source lev­el gear so the rewards are more in line with the dif­fi­cul­ty of the activ­i­ty.
  • Reduced the qual­i­ty and source lev­el charts used for item drops from the liv­ing world activ­i­ties set­tle­ment block­ade and Pro­pa­gan­da broad­cast to be more in line with oth­er open world drops and the dif­fi­cul­ty of the activ­i­ties.
  • Updat­ed Col­lectibles set XP reward to scale with play­er lev­el.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Drone Heli­copter to not use the cor­rect loot table.


  • Increased Mate­r­i­al cap for Stan­dard and Spe­cial­ized craft­ing mate­ri­als to 400 (with all perks).
  • Increased Mate­r­i­al cap for High-End craft­ing mate­ri­als to 50.
  • Mate­ri­als required for craft­ing weapon mods does not scale as aggres­sive­ly and has much low­er val­ues in endgame.
  • Removed a small increase on mate­ri­als required for craft­ing weapon mods after upgrad­ing the craft­ing bench qual­i­ty.
  • Changed the upgrade blue­prints for exot­ic weapons Lul­la­by and Ruth­less to not show up on the ven­dor until you are lev­el 30.
  • Increased the pow­er for the wan­der­ing ven­dor so her inven­to­ry has a nar­row­er Gear Score range clos­er to the top of the World Tier Gear Score Range.
  • Set all exot­ic upgrade blue­prints to award you the upgrad­ed weapon on the max gear score of the cur­rent tier.
  • Removed a tiny increase on mate­ri­als required for craft­ing weapon mods after upgrad­ing the craft­ing bench qual­i­ty.
  • Exot­ic weapons are now pre-equipped with lore text mods. These mods do not have stats and can­not be equipped else­where.


  • Blind Jus­tice – Mod­i­fied the Buff that increas­es dam­age to your next shot now expires at end of com­bat and when out of com­bat
  • First Blood — Updat­ed Nor­mal­ized MMR Tal­ent First Blood Text to cor­rect­ly explain that the first shot after reload­ing from emp­ty is the enhanced bul­let.


  • Decreased dam­age of all NPC Auto­mat­ic Shot­guns
  • Decreased dam­age of all NPC SMGs
  • Hey agent! Staff in the Base of Oper­a­tion will now shout at the play­er less fre­quent­ly than before.

Main Mis­sions Dif­fi­cul­ty:

  • World Bank – Invad­ed – Serv­er Room
    • Increased the time which the Black Tusks needs to com­plete the down­load in the Serv­er Room from 200 sec­onds to 250 sec­onds.
    • Reduced the dif­fi­cul­ty in the Serv­er Room by set­ting the Ene­my group com­po­si­tion to light, light, medi­um — Instead of medi­um, heavy, medi­um.

  • DCD Head­quar­ters
    • Mis­sion lev­el has been changed from 17 to 18.

  • Roo­sevelt Island – Invad­ed – Quar­an­tine Docks
    • Reduced the dif­fi­cul­ty of the first wave of ene­mies encoun­tered in the last beat of the mis­sion by low­er­ing the amount of Elite and Vet­er­an ene­mies.
    • Ene­mies in this part of the mis­sion can only use mount­ed weapons if there are 2 play­ers or more.
      • This should make it less pun­ish­ing for solo-play­ers attempt­ing this mis­sion.

Open World:

  • Removed death of civil­ian squad as a fail­ure con­di­tion for Con­trol Point takeover.
    • The Offi­cer will now remain in downed state until play­ers com­plete the takeover or wipe.

  • Black Tusk pres­ence has been increased in invad­ed Open World zones.
  • New Ambush­er NPCs now roam the streets of DC.


  • Added a “Friends & Clan” option for Call for Back­up that only shows calls from friends and clan mem­bers.
  • Added a “Do Not Dis­turb” group pri­va­cy option that blocks all incom­ing invites.


  • Added a Field of View slid­er

PlaySta­tion 4

  • Fixed an issue that could cause play­ers to be stuck in the Spe­cial­iza­tion tuto­r­i­al

Bug Fix­es:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause unde­sired appear­ance changes to agents after login in or using the bar­ber.
    • Play­ers that have been per­ma­nent­ly affect­ed by an appear­ance change will unfor­tu­nate­ly not be changed back with this fix. We want to apol­o­gize for any incon­ve­nienced caused by this and we’re look­ing into options to allow play­ers to ful­ly cus­tomize their agent in the future, but we do not have a time­line for this fea­ture.

  • Fixed an issue where the Clus­ter Seek­er Mine could split up more often than intend­ed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Defend­er Drone could have unlim­it­ed uptime.
  • Fixed an issue which pre­vent­ed play­ers from fin­ish­ing the Unite cypher rid­dle.
    • We’re con­fi­dent this is not bugged any­more.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Strong­hold acti­va­tion ani­ma­tion to always play when enter­ing the Base of Oper­a­tions.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of Audio logs not play­ing auto­mat­i­cal­ly when picked up.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause play­ers being unable to fin­ish the Side Mis­sion Work­site Com­mu­ni­ty.
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers were unable to update their craft­ing bench after reach­ing a new World Tier.
  • Fixed an issue with NPCs some­times not react­ing prop­er­ly to cooked grenades
  • Fixed an issue with Hunters not always appro­pri­ate­ly despawn­ing if a play­er flees a com­bat space
  • Fixed rare issue where NPCs could get stuck when attempt­ing to melee a play­er in cov­er
  • Fixed issue with the Explo­sive Seek­er Mine occa­sion­al­ly fail­ing to path to its tar­get
  • Fixed bug where play­ers could fast trav­el to non-friend­ly Con­trol Points
  • Fixed bug that made encoun­ters with friend­ly NPCs request­ing resources too rare
  • Fixed bug where under­ground ene­mies would come to the sur­face dur­ing the day
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers were able to obtain gear with a high­er gear score than intend­ed
    • Any owned High-End items will be low­ered to Gear Score 500.
    • Any owned Supe­ri­or items will be low­ered to Gear Score 490.
    • Clan caches no longer award items high­er than the max­i­mum loot Gear Score.
    • Recal­i­bra­tion still allows Gear Score to increase slight­ly past the max­i­mum loot Gear Score.

  • Fixed a bunch of weird stairs and invis­i­ble walls.
Weapon attach­mentsNameAttribute (pos)Attribute (neg)
Mag­a­zineBeltNim­ble Link Belt5% Fire rate
Tac­ti­cal Small Pouch20% Reload speed
Non-dis­rup­tive Link
Cal­i­brat­ed Link15% Sta­bil­i­ty
Large Pouch35 Extra rounds
5.56 Mag­a­zineLight Extend­ed 5.56 Mag10 Extra Rounds
Stur­dy Extend­ed 5.56 Mag20 Extra Rounds10% Reload Speed
Tac­ti­cal 5.56 Mag10 % Crit Dam­age
Infantry 5.56 Mag30% Opti­mal Range
Bal­anced Spring 5.56 Mag20% Sta­bil­i­ty
7.62 Mag­a­zineLight Extend­ed 7.62 Mag10 Extra Rounds
Stur­dy Extend­ed 7.62 Mag20 Extra Rounds10 %Reload Speed
Weight­ed 7.62 Mag20% Sta­bil­i­ty
Pre­ci­sion 7.62 Mag7% Head­shot Dam­age
Thin 7.62 Mag20% Reload Speed
9mm Mag­a­zineOver­sized 9mm Mag10 Extra Rounds
Extend­ed 9mm Mag20 Extra Rounds
Heavy Spring 9mm Mag10% Crit Dam­age
Seg­ment­ed 9mm Mag20% Reload Speed
Spe­cial Forces 9mm Mag10% Dam­age to Elites
.45 ACP Mag­a­zineExtend­ed .45 ACP Mag10 Extra Rounds
Over­sized .45 ACP Mag20 Extra Rounds10 % reload speed
Short Spring .45 ACP Mag20% Reload Speed
Force Feed .45 ACP Mag10% Dam­age to Elites
Pre­ci­sion Feed­ing .45 Mag20% Sta­bil­i­ty
Marks­man 7.62 Mag­a­zineTight­ly Packed Marks­man Mag5 Extra Rounds
Light­weight Marks­man Mag20% Reload Speed
Stur­dy Marks­man Mag20% Sta­bil­i­ty
Com­pact Marks­man Mag10% Dam­age to Elites
Mend­ed Marks­man Mag20% Opti­mal Range
7.62 Inte­grat­edCom­pen­sat­ed Inte­grat­ed Spring20% Reload Speed
Over­bal­anced Inte­grat­ed Spring20% Sta­bil­i­ty
Stiff Inte­grat­ed Spring5% Dam­age
Under­bal­anced Inte­grat­ed Spring10% Dam­age to Elites
Revolver drumSpeed Load­ing Revolver Drum20% Reload Speed
Pis­tol magExtend­ed Pis­tol Mag11 Extra Rounds
Field Pis­tol Mag30% Opti­mal Range
Police Pis­tol Mag20% Reload Speed
Tubu­larHard Tubu­lar Spring5% Fire Rate
Counter-Clock­wise Tubu­lar Spring10% Dam­age to Elites
Flex­i­ble Tubu­lar Spring20% Reload Speed
Muz­zle5.56 (5.7)Loud Vent Brake 5.5610% Opti­mal Range
Muz­zle Brake 5.565% Dam­age to Elites
Com­pen­sator 5.5610% Sta­bil­i­ty
Flash Hider 5.565% Crit Dam­age
Large Sup­pres­sor 5.5610% Accu­ra­cy
Omega 5.56 Rifle Sup­pres­sor20% Sta­bil­i­ty10 % Opti­mal Range
7.62Loud Vent Brake 7.6210% Opti­mal Range
Muz­zle Brake 7.625% Dam­age to Elites
Com­pen­sator 7.6210 % Sta­bil­i­ty
Flash Hider 7.625% Crit Dam­age
Large Sup­pres­sor 7.6210 % Accu­ra­cy
Omega 7.62 Rifle Sup­pres­sor20% Sta­bil­i­ty10% Opti­mal Range
9 mmLoud Vent Brake 9mm10% Opti­mal Range
Muz­zle Brake 9mm5% Dam­age to Elites
Com­pen­sator 9mm10% Sta­bil­i­ty
Flash Hider 9mm5% Crit Dam­age
Small Sup­pres­sor 9mm10% Accu­ra­cy
Osprey 9 Sup­pres­sor5% Crit Chance
.45 ACPLoud Vent Brake .4510% Opti­mal Range
Muz­zle Brake .455% Dam­age to Elites
Com­pen­sator .4510% Sta­bil­i­ty
Flash Hider .455% Crit Dam­age
Small Sup­pres­sor .4510% Accu­ra­cy
Osprey 45 Sup­pres­sor5% Crit Chance
OpticsShortEXPS3 Holo sight8% Dam­age to Elites
Russ­ian Red Dot Sight5% Crit Dam­age
T2 Micro Red Dot Sight10% Accu­ra­cy
PRO Red Dot Sight5% Sta­bil­i­ty
Small RDS Scope15% Sta­bil­i­ty5% Accu­ra­cy
Reflex Sight20 % Crit Range
Low Reflex Sight10% Dam­age to Elites10% Opti­mal Range
Rugged Mini Reflex Sight5% Crit Chance
LongAcog Scope (4x)20% Opti­mal Range
CQBSS Scope (8x)30% Head­shot Dam­age
Dig­i­tal Scope45% Head­shot Dam­age5% crit dam­age
C79 Scope (3.4x)5% Dam­age to elites
552 Holo Sight10% Accu­ra­cy
MK5 Scope (15x)40% head­shot dam­age20% Reload Speed
VX1 Scope (12x)35% Head­shot Dam­age10% Reload Speed
Iron SightsStream­lined Iron Sights10% Reload Speed
Weight­ed Iron Sights10% Sta­bil­i­ty
Open Iron Sights10% Accu­ra­cy
Under­bar­relShortAngled Grip10% Sta­bil­i­ty
Laser Point­er5% Crit Chance
Small Laser Point­er7% Crit Chance
Ver­ti­cal Grip10% Accu­ra­cy
LongShort Grip5% Crit Dam­age
Hand­stop10% Reload Speed
Gad­getCom­pact Cou­pled Laser Point­er10% head­shot dam­age
Com­pact Cou­pled Small Laser Point­er10% Crit Chance

Source: Ubisoft