Mas­sive, the devel­op­ment team behind The Divi­sion and The Divi­sion 2, recent­ly revealed what’s arriv­ing in the next patch dur­ing a State of the Game stream. It’s a rather large title update, detail­ing sev­er­al major changes.

Some of the game’s Com­men­da­tions (a patch reward­ed for com­plet­ing a chal­lenge) were removed because, “ they were unfair to ded­i­cat­ed play­ers who were unable to play every day.”

Oth­er changes have far more mean­ing, like low­er the dam­age and health of ene­my NPC’s on lev­els above hard, adding armor to Civil­ian Con­trol Point Offi­cers, and allow­ing those Offi­cers to revive you dur­ing a Con­trol Point takeover.

You can see the full list of the upcom­ing changes below:

Gear Score

  • Gear score won’t be increased beyond 500 for TU3 as most play­ers have yet to reach the cap, or have only just reached the cap and haven’t had time to opti­mize their builds.
  • The deci­sion is meant to encour­age play­ers to reach the 500 cap and opti­mize their load­outs and builds to suit their play style before the raid.
  • The rewards for dai­ly Pri­or­i­ty Hard and Chal­leng­ing mis­sions have increased. Once you reach gear score 500, those activ­i­ties will guar­an­tee gear score 500 drops.
  • Hero­ic Mis­sion boss­es, Strong­hold boss­es, and Boun­ty boss­es, as well as Con­trol Point Alert Lev­el 4 reward con­tain­ers, guar­an­tee gear score 500 items if your aver­age gear score is at 500.
  • Dark Zone con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed loot does not drop below play­er’s aver­age gear score. When you reach an aver­age gear score of 500, con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed loot will guar­an­tee gear score 500 items.
  • Loot has been bal­anced across the board to reduce the chances of items drop­ping at a low­er gear score than that of your char­ac­ter.


  • Some Dai­ly Login Com­men­da­tions have been removed because they were unfair to ded­i­cat­ed play­ers who were unable to play every day. The fol­low­ing Com­men­da­tions have been removed:
    • 28 Days Dis­tinc­tion: Record 672 hours (28 days) of time in-game.
    • Dis­tin­guished Ser­vice Rib­bon: For 30 con­sec­u­tive days, on each day play for at least one hour and com­plete one mis­sion.
    • Supreme Response Dis­tinc­tion: For sev­en con­sec­u­tive days, on each day com­plete four main mis­sions and res­cue five civil­ians.
    • Year One Mer­it: Play on 14 days per month, on a total of 12 months.
    • Divi­sion Ser­vice Mer­it: For a total of 100 days, on each day play for at least one hour and deliv­er 20 resources to con­trol points.
  • Van­i­ty patch will be added for those that have already earned the removed Com­men­da­tions.
  • The fol­low­ing Com­men­da­tions will be added for Oper­a­tion Dark Hours:
    • Full Deck Dis­tinc­tion: Acquire all Snitch Cards.
    • Dis­tin­guished Ser­vice Dis­tinc­tion: Com­plete 30 hours of ser­vice.
    • Supreme Response Dis­tinc­tion: Com­plete all main mis­sions and Strong­holds on Hard dif­fi­cul­ty (or above).
    • Con­trol Point Takeover Mer­it: Take over 50 Lev­el 4 Con­trol Points.
    • Inva­sion Ser­vice Mer­it: Com­plete 10 Invad­ed Strong­holds.


  • Increased the base cap for Receiv­er Com­po­nents and Pro­tec­tive Fab­ric craft­ing mate­ri­als by 200; caps now start at 350 and end at 600 with all mate­r­i­al capac­i­ty perks.
  • Inaya al-Khaliq in the Base of Oper­a­tion is now a Craft­ing Ven­dor. You can find her next to the Craft­ing Bench in the White House.
    • Added Spe­cial­ized and Supe­ri­or Skill Mod Blue­prints to her stock.
    • Added an extra week­ly Blue­print to her stock.
    • Moved craft­ing Blue­prints from the Base of Oper­a­tions ven­dor to her stock.
    • While Inaya will have a vari­ety of Blue­prints avail­able, there are still oth­er sources in the game like Set­tle­ments and Con­trol Points.
    • Craft­ed Exot­ic weapons will now always upgrade to the max­i­mum Gear Score of the World Tier they are craft­ed in, when the Upgrade Blue­print is used.

Armor and Gear Sets

  • Bonus Armor grant­ed on Defense Attrib­ut­es sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased.
  • Armor per­cent bonus­es can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls.
  • Health per­cent bonus­es can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls.
  • Gear sets
    • Hard Wired
      • Now grants Skill Dam­age instead of Shock Dura­tion.
    • Ongo­ing Direc­tive
      • Now grants spe­cial ammu­ni­tion into any weapon, includ­ing the weapon cur­rent­ly equipped.
      • Now grants spe­cial ammu­ni­tion on any kill, not just weapon kills.
    • True Patri­ot
      • Decreased debuff cycle from 4 sec­onds to 2 sec­onds.
      • Increased dam­age dealt to near­by tar­gets when Full Flag is active to 50%.


  • Loot con­tain­ers will now reset at a pre­set time of day.
    • Con­trol Point reward con­tain­er will now also reset with this dai­ly timer.
  • Improved qual­i­ty and quan­ti­ty of Drone Heli­copter loot.
  • Slight­ly reduced the qual­i­ty of items from Clan Caches.
  • Cab­i­net loot con­tain­ers now have a chance to con­tain Dark Zone keys.
  • Increased ammu­ni­tion drop chance from ene­my NPCs to lim­it sit­u­a­tions where play­ers would run out of ammu­ni­tion dur­ing pro­longed fights on high­er dif­fi­cul­ty activ­i­ties.


  • After com­plet­ing mis­sions, play­ers may opt to look at an activ­i­ty sum­ma­ry show­cas­ing their per­for­mance in that activ­i­ty and allow­ing an expand­ed look at a vari­ety of detailed sta­tis­tics.
  • Dif­fi­cul­ty lev­el for Bank Head­quar­ters and Roo­sevelt Island has been reduced for solo play­ers.

Ene­my NPC Changes

  • Elite Medic’s Pulse Grenade has been changed.
    • No longer applies dis­rupt.
    • Reduced Impact radius.
    • The grenade impact radius should now be eas­i­er to see.
  • Decreased dam­age of Vet­er­an, Elite and Named NPCs.
  • Great­ly decreased melee dam­age of all Tank NPCs.
  • Mod­er­ate­ly decreased melee dam­age of all non-Tank NPCs.
  • Decreased Throw­er NPC’s accu­ra­cy with grenades.
  • Slight­ly decreased dam­age of Elite/Named War Hound.
  • NPCs will now be slight­ly less defen­sive while in cov­er and being aimed at by a play­er.
  • Ene­my NPCs should no longer be able to stag­ger play­ers with a melee attack if the play­er has a Bal­lis­tic Shield equipped.
  • Drone Heli­copter’s health, dam­age, and move­ment have all been increased.
  • Decreased Out­cast Sui­cide vest explo­sion radius.
  • Low­ered NPC dam­age and health above nor­mal dif­fi­cul­ty.
  • Increased vari­ety of ene­my NPCs at high­er dif­fi­cul­ty lev­els.

Friend­ly NPC Changes

  • Civil­ian Con­trol Point Offi­cers now wear pro­tec­tive body armor.
  • Civil­ians with ful­ly upgrad­ed Set­tle­ments now wear com­bat har­ness­es and have slight­ly more health.
  • Upgrad­ing a Set­tle­ment now slight­ly increas­es Civil­ian dam­age.
  • Civil­ian NPCs will now stay fur­ther away from play­ers in cov­er, less­en­ing the chance of them tak­ing a play­er’s pre­ferred cov­er loca­tion.
  • Civil­ian Hostages are now more pro­tec­tive of their lives.

Con­trol Points

  • Con­trol Point dif­fi­cul­ty has been renamed to con­form to the dif­fi­cul­ty lev­el names used in the rest of the game (Nor­mal, Hard, Hero­ic, etc).
  • Civil­ian offi­cer can revive play­ers dur­ing Con­trol Point takeovers.
  • Play­ers can use the civil­ian retake icon on the map to respawn after dying. This is only pos­si­ble before the ene­my leader appears.


  • XP from Boun­ties has been increased.
  • All Set­tle­ment Week­ly Projects now award blue­prints.
  • New dai­ly Project: SHD Req­ui­si­tion.
    • Requires craft­ing ingre­di­ents and rewards high qual­i­ty gear and blue­prints.
  • Increased the qual­i­ty of Week­ly Project equip­ment rewards.


  • Assault Drone
    • In PvE, the Drone will now more active­ly look for a new tar­get once it los­es its cur­rent tar­get.
  • Defend­er Drone
    • Will now drain more quick­ly once a shot has been deflect­ed.
  • Rein­forcer Chem Launch­er
    • Rein­forcer gas clouds no longer stack.
  • Reviv­er Hive
    • Fixed fur­ther occur­rences of play­ers not being revived.
    • Revive time slight­ly increased.
  • Riot Foam Chem Launch­er
    • Increased base dura­tion of Riot Foam when used against a NPC.
  • Scan­ner Pulse
    • Reduced cooldown from 120 sec­onds to 90 sec­onds.


  • All exotics will have their dam­aged increased across the board


  • In Con­flict, play­ers are now scaled to max World Tier gear score
  • Assault Rifles now have a 1.25 PvP dam­age scaler applied.
  • Dam­age mod­i­fi­er has been reduced on PvP, there is now an increased time to kill.
  • Skill mod­i­fiers have been increased, so they will be more effec­tive in PvP.

Dark Zone

  • Con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed loot is guar­an­teed to drop from boss­es.
  • High­er chal­lenge land­marks can drop more con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed loot.
  • Dark Zone will gen­er­al­ly drop more con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed loot.
  • Max bag size is now 10 when ful­ly upgrad­ed.
  • Brack­et­ing sys­tem will be changed to group play­ers lev­el 1–30 togeth­er, while each World Tier will be grouped togeth­er. Nor­mal­iza­tion still occurs.
  • You can switch weapons in the Thieves Den to bet­ter take advan­tage of spe­cial ammu­ni­tion.
  • Occu­pied Dark Zone XP loss upon death has been reduced to 35%.

Upcom­ing Updates

  • The PTS TU3 build will be shut down tomor­row since TU3 is ready to roll out and com­ing next week.
  • Oper­a­tion Dark Hours raid will fol­low short­ly after TU3 releas­es, stay tuned to all Divi­sion chan­nels for more info next week.
  • Kore­an in-game chat will be fixed with TU3.


  • TU3 will intro­duce graph­i­cal improve­ments that will help tex­tures load faster.

Source: Ubisoft