Epic announced they will be adding the Glid­er back to Fort­nite via the v7.20 update that’s releas­ing tomor­row. Accord­ing too Epic the mechan­ic had, “very split response”, which “revealed some pos­i­tives as well as some neg­a­tives.”

This prompt­ed the dev team to remove the Glid­er alto­geth­er, until they solved some of the neg­a­tive issues and to “bet­ter suit [thi­er] goals.”

You can see all the changes made to the Glid­er below:

  • The Glid­ers item will take up an inven­to­ry slot and can be found from nor­mal loot sources.
  • Acti­vate Glid­er Rede­ploy as you nor­mal­ly would, you do not need to select the item.
    • Each deploy will remove one charge, when all charges are used the item dis­ap­pears.
    • Use of Launch Pads, Rifts-to-Go, and LTM respawns will not con­sume a charge, as these put you in Sky­div­ing mode.
  • The new Glid­er Rede­ploy item can be found in floor loot, Chests, Vend­ing Machines and Sup­ply Lla­mas.

Epic also stat­ed large team modes will auto­mat­i­cal­ly be grant­ed a Glid­er with 50 charges. The ini­tial drop from the bus will not con­sume a charge.

Source: Epic