Now on its final sea­son, this sor­did tale is com­ing to an end. Liv­ing such a dis­mal life and being sur­round­ed by the walk­ing dead, can real­ly take its toll on a per­son. Although Clemen­tine is no longer the naive lit­tle girl she once was in the first sea­son, she’s now far more of an adult and the char­ac­ter you play dur­ing the final sea­son. 

Now that she’s found the lit­tle boy she so des­per­ate­ly searched for, her respon­si­bil­i­ties are many. It’s been about 7 years since the last time we’ve seen them, she appears to have been able to han­dle the pres­sure. The begin­ning of the final sea­son shows Clemen­tine dri­ving down the road in the back­woods with A.J. in the back seat, stom­ach grum­bling. Clemen­tine attempts to make him for­get about his hunger, but need­ing to search for food is inevitable, as they only have a small bag of chips left (which Clem gives to A.J.). 

This is how they sur­vive, which hasn’t changed much since the series began. How­ev­er, this can not be said of some basic game­play. It’s been adjust­ed to be a bit more inter­ac­tive than before. Com­ing up on walk­ers you can choose to either break a kneecap rend­ing them immo­bile before going for the head or go straight for the stab to the head. Walk­ers are a much big­ger threat than before and if Clemen­tine has a cou­ple of walk­ers catch her off guard, you’ll get the clas­sic “You Are Dead” screen. You’ll still be able to fend off an attack­ing walk­er with quick spam­ming action, but make sure you don’t get sur­round­ed. A lit­tle fur­ther along, you’ll also get to use traps to talk walk­ers down.

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Those traps are part of a seclud­ed board­ing school named Eric­son Acad­e­my, being run by the chil­dren. The adults either left them behind or came to a trag­ic end, leav­ing them to fend for them­selves. This appears to be the last stop for Clem and A.J, as this sea­son appears to be less about find­ing a des­ti­na­tion and is more about learn­ing about the chil­dren who occu­py the school. A.J. has had lit­tle human con­tact out­side of Clemen­tine, so he has trou­ble adjust­ing to all the inter­ac­tion. Every­thing Clemen­tine does becomes some­what of a gospel to him. So be very care­ful with your actions. It’s actu­al­ly one of the first prompts you get upon start­ing, “A.J. is always lis­ten­ing”. This is almost an exact mir­ror­ing of Clemen­tine when Lee was her pro­tec­tor. 

Graph­i­cal­ly, it can be appeal­ing in cer­tain aspects, but has some issues. It looks more like a graph­ic nov­el than it did in the past, which isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a bad thing, but can hurt the eyes when star­ing at it. This is main­ly because graph­ic nov­els don’t have mov­ing com­po­nents. Peo­ple “pop” upon the rough back­ground and the light­ing has def­i­nite­ly been improved. Night­time is actu­al­ly far more sur­re­al, seem­ing to reflect the hor­rors of the world around them. 

All and all, just based upon the first episode, The Walk­ing Dead: The Tell­tale Series — The Final Sea­son, is going to be quite an emo­tion­al ride.