South Park The Frac­tured But Whole was only released a week ago and is insane­ly fun to play and hilar­i­ous. If you were on the fence about buy­ing it Ubisoft is offer­ing a free 1 hour unre­strict­ed tri­al of its new turn based RPG. Play­ers will be able to down­load and play the full game unre­strict­ed for 1 hour, if you like what you expe­ri­ence you can buy the full game and car­ry your tri­al progress over with no addi­tion­al down­load.

We got on hands on a copy of The frac­tured but whole and loved it, You can read our review right here.

Anoth­er quick thing to note is the link pro­vid­ed in the tweet is incor­rect, Ubisoft did pro­vide a work­ing link, if you would like to try South Park The Frac­tured But Whole you can go here to down­load your tri­al.

Are you going to try The Frac­tured But Whole? Let us know what you think of it in the forums.