Today dur­ing Gamescom 2019’s Open­ing Night livestream Hideo Koji­ma showed some new game­play from his upcom­ing game Death Strand­ing. The three video’s shown intro­duce 2 char­ac­ters and give us a glimpse at some game­play as Sam (Reedus) wakes up from a nap and takes a pee.

His pee stream is shown to move side to side as you turn and move the cam­era. After Sam has fin­ish­es pee­ing a mush­room grows where he wiz­zed. Koji­ma teased that if enough play­ers pee in the same spot that “some­thing good will hap­pen,”, Pee­ing can also be used as a weapon. After all the wet works Sam makes a deliv­ery to a char­ac­ter based on Geoff Keigh­ley. Check out the game­play below, it is very inter­est­ing.

Koji­ma also showed a cou­ple trail­ers. One trail­er intro­duced a char­ac­ter named Mama, a woman with an invis­i­ble baby and the sec­ond trail­er gives us a bit of an expla­na­tion as to why those babies are in pods.

Death Strand­ing is in it’s final crunch time of devel­op­ment ahead of its Novem­ber 8th release, only a cou­ple more months until all of our ques­tions are answered.

Mul­ti­ple edi­tions are avail­able for pre-order, you can find out more about them and see more game­play here.

Death Strand­ing will be avail­able for the Playsta­tion 4 on Novem­ber 8th 2019.