Wild West Online, that west­ern based MMO that was con­fused with Red Dead Redemp­tion is now avail­able via ear­ly access. You can pre-order Wild West Online from their web­site to get ear­ly access, Wild West Online is avail­able in 3 dif­fer­ent bun­dles, Town­ie ($35), Col­lec­tor ($94), or Pio­neer ($59).

Ear­ly access includes a some pub­lic PVP events, quest and mis­sions to take on. Ear­ly access also includes a pro­gres­sion sys­tem so you can unlock some bet­ter abil­i­ties and weapons as you play, You’ll also be able to cus­tomize your char­ac­ter and horse to a cer­tain degree.

Based on your actions you will become Pio­neer, Enforcer or Out­law and will be able to par­tic­i­pate in PVP com­bat, PVE mis­sions with open world explo­ration, resource gath­er­ing and trea­sure hunts.

Check out this arti­cle we wrote about Wild West Online, and if you want even more infor­ma­tion head on over to Wild West Online’s site and read up.