Are you still on the pres­tige in Call of Duty Infi­nite War­fare? If you are Infin­i­ty­ward made it a lot eas­i­er on you this week. Dou­ble XP week­ends are pret­ty com­mon on Call Of Duty, but this week is dif­fer­ent. Its not a X2 XP week­end, its a X2 XP WEEK.

X2 XP Week In Infinite Warfare

Run­ning from Jan­u­ary 27th to Feb­ru­ary 3rd 2017 you will get dou­ble XP in mul­ti­play­er, Zom­bies and for your Weapons, mak­ing lev­el­ing up and unlock­ing attach­ments much quick­er.

It’s going to be tough grind this week out with the For Hon­or Beta going on. How many of you will take advan­tage of this X2 XP week in mul­ti­play­er and Zom­bies?