Wild­card is releas­ing anoth­er patch for the con­sole ver­sion of its sur­vival game, Ark Sur­vival Evolved. While PC sur­vivors have had this patch for a cou­ple weeks, Con­sole sur­vivors are set to receive the patch today. This lat­est update brings sev­er­al new dinos and some much need­ed tech­ni­cal fix­es.

Here is a run down of the incom­ing changes, via Ark’s Offi­cial Forums

Cur­rent ARK Offi­cial PS4 Serv­er Net­work Servers Ver­sion: v508.4

Cur­rent ARK Offi­cial Client Ver­sion: v508.0

Upcom­ing Ver­sion: v509 — IN CERT

- Per-pix­el paint­ing, includ­ing Human & Dino Warpaint
- New Weapon: Har­poon Gun (& Tranq Bolts for the Har­poon Gun)
- New Dino: Hyaen­odon
- New Dino: Hes­per­o­nis
- New Dino: Megath­eri­um
- New Dino: Mega­la­nia
- New Dino: Yutyran­nus
- New Vehi­cle: Gas-pow­ered speedy Motor­boat
- New Struc­ture: Inter­ac­tive Toi­let
- Viking Hair and Facial Hair­styles
- Mem­o­ry reduc­tions, tex­ture mem­o­ry & mesh opti­miza­tion.
- Tek Pro­jec­tiles now will not do any dam­age if they col­lide with a Struc­ture after 5000 units dis­tance (to bal­ance against Auto-Tur­rets)
- Achieve­ment set now includes var­i­ous cos­met­ics, hair­styles, & emotes unlocked as you get Achieve­ments.
- New client Options to dis­able giv­ing cos­met­ics on respawn, and to dis­able menu music tracks.
- Re-added the ATV vehi­cle as work-in-progress “east­er egg” for sin­gle­play­er and cus­tom servers: Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Vehicles/VH_Buggy/Blueprint/PrimalItemVHBuggy.PrimalItemVHBuggy’
- Fixed var­i­ous game­play exploits and edge cas­es.
- Dire­wolf now has pack log­ic with pack buff
- Fixed bug where Alpha Wild crea­tures were some­times improp­er­ly buff­ing ene­my (tamed) crea­tures
- Updat­ed var­i­ous new UI’s to the new style
- 66 new Explor­er Notes! (between The Island and ScorchedEarth)
- Ballista/Harpoon Bolt now has sig­nif­i­cant pierc­ing prop­er­ties akin to the Com­pos­ite Arrow
- Redid The Island’s ambi­ent sounds and var­i­ous game­play sound effects
- Explor­er Notes sub­ti­tle option but­ton, Explor­er Notes trans­la­tions are WIP (https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/ark-translation-project)
- Var­i­ous misc Island map fix­es
- Mas­sive update to Prim­i­tive+:
- All tamed dinos with pro­jec­tiles now sup­port “Tur­ret” AI mode
- Offi­cial PvE changed to use Offline Raid Pro­tec­tion
- Made Alpha Leeds more com­mon on The Island, and made them give 5 Blub­ber items rather than just 1. Also made Alpha Mega­lodon slight­ly more com­mon.
- Fixed par­ti­cle sys­tems not appear­ing at large world coor­di­nates

This patch looks awe­some and brings some MUCH NEEDED tech­ni­cal fix­es, but Wild­card has a his­to­ry of being a few days lat­er than esti­mat­ed on releas­ing con­sole patch­es, so we might just have to wait.