Bethes­da isn’t let­ting Fall­out 76’s poor launch keep them down. A con­stant, steady flow of free con­tent and fix­es for Fall­out 76 has made the game a much bet­ter expe­ri­ence. A new free update called Wild Appalachia is now live and brings a new event, new area, play­er vend­ing machines and a ton of bug fix­es. Check out the full patch notes below.


Fallout 76 Wild Appalachia Patch Notes
  • Sink your teeth into some exper­i­men­tal test­ing by join­ing the Project Par­adise event, which takes place in cav­ernous Bio­me Labs that are now avail­able for explo­ration beneath Ark­tos Phar­ma.
    • To start Project Par­adise, head to the Ark­tos Phar­ma build­ing in the For­est region of Appalachia. Enter the building’s lob­by, and then use the ele­va­tor to descend into the labs.
  • Prod­uct research has nev­er been so wild! Aid Ark­tos Phar­ma with their exper­i­ments on the Appalachi­an crea­tures that inhab­it the labs and you’ll be reward­ed with new loot and XP.
    • All three Bio­me Labs will require your atten­tion if you’d like to claim the best rewards, so most adven­tur­ers will find it ben­e­fi­cial to form a group.
  • Note: This event will be daunt­ing for Dwellers who are fresh from the Vault, as you will encounter ene­mies who are lev­el 50+.
  • The “Inspect” option can now be used to view addi­tion­al details about items in oth­er play­ers’ Vend­ing Machines, mak­ing it eas­i­er to find that per­fect Leg­endary for your col­lec­tion.


  • Scrap­ping: Fixed an issue that could cause an unin­tend­ed item to be scrapped when rapid­ly scrap­ping items.
  • Vend­ing: Fixed a rare issue that could pre­vent a play­er from pur­chas­ing items from anoth­er player’s Vend­ing Machine under spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances.
  • Vend­ing: Reach­ing the max­i­mum C.A.M.P. bud­get no longer pre­vents the play­er from assign­ing items to their Vend­ing Machines.
  • Week­ly: Fixed an issue in which Sur­vival Mode Week­ly Chal­lenges could be com­plet­ed in Adven­ture Mode.
  • World: Tak­ing a pic­ture of a frog with the ProS­nap Deluxe now cor­rect­ly counts toward Her­petol­o­gist World Chal­lenge progress.
  • World: Build­ing a frog habi­tat now cor­rect­ly counts toward Her­petol­o­gist World Chal­lenge progress.
  • World: Updat­ed the word­ing on sev­er­al Tad­pole Badge World Chal­lenges to help clar­i­fy the objec­tive.
  • Appar­el: Fixed an issue in which some Appar­el items were incor­rect­ly pro­vid­ing +1 Dam­age Resis­tance when equipped.
  • Floor Décor: Cat and Death­claw Top­i­aries can no longer be built if they have not yet been unlocked in the Atom­ic Shop.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could cause the High Capac­i­ty Back­pack mod to become dupli­cat­ed.
  • Load­ing: Addressed a rare issue that could pre­vent play­ers from load­ing into a world after using Play­er Vend­ing Machines.
  • Sta­bil­i­ty: Fixed an issue that could cause the PC game client to crash.
  • Exploit: Addressed an exploit that could allow play­ers to earn the rewards from the Ath­let­ics and Swim­ming Tests mul­ti­ple times.
  • Mis­cel­la­neous: The objec­tive to “Inves­ti­gate Seis­mic Activ­i­ty,” obtained from the Per­son­al Ter­mi­nal, now cor­rect­ly com­pletes upon reach­ing the Purveyor’s shop.
  • Mis­cel­la­neous: Fixed an issue that could cause an error mes­sage to appear after select­ing Biv’s entry in the Per­son­al Terminal’s Dai­ly Plan­ner.
  • Pio­neer Scouts: Com­plet­ing Stings and Things, Oper­a­tion Tidy, and Camp­fire Tales will no longer award Pos­sum Badges to play­ers who have not yet been pro­mot­ed to the Pos­sum rank.

Fall­out 76 is avail­able now for the Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC