Final Fan­ta­sy 15’s Episode Promp­to is now out and like pre­vi­ous DLC it is accom­pa­nied by a teas­er trail­er for the next episode.

Episode Ignis will launch this Decem­ber. It will tell the sto­ry of Ignis and his time away from Not­cis dur­ing the main sto­ry. The teas­er take a rather gloomy and seri­ous tone as it shows Ignis being cap­tured by Nil­fhem sol­diers.

An offi­cial upload or announce­ment has­n’t been made. How­ev­er you can unlock the teas­er after beat­ing Episode Promp­to or you can watch the teas­er below.

In relat­ed news, a new update for Final Fan­ta­sy 15 is out now. It adds the abil­i­ty to dri­ve off road in a mon­ster truck Regalia, new music, and var­i­ous bug fix­es.