Bethes­da tweet­ed out today that Xbox One and PS4 play­ers can now final­ly access the Home­stead update. This was a free update that PC/Mac play­ers have had since Feb­ru­ary 6th. 

If you don’t know what this free update includes, Home­stead intro­duces 39 unique­ly-themed places to hang your head, with over 2,000 dif­fer­ent dec­o­ra­tive and fur­ni­ture options, and Fur­ni­ture Craft­ing. Also Mas­ter Craft­ing Writs, four new Motifs, an update to PvP, and just the reg­u­lar over­all of bal­anc­ing. You can check out a video of the Home­stead update below:

Along with the many fur­ni­ture and craft­ing options, you can also invite your friends and guild­mates into your home just to chill. Or prac­tice for dun­geons with the Tar­get Skele­tons. You don’t have to wor­ry about peo­ple break­ing into your home and steal­ing your items, because that is not allowed (espe­cial­ly you Thieves Guild!).

Below are the full patch notes for the Home­stead update:


  • Home­stead Basics
  • Acquir­ing a Home
  • Home Pre­view­ing
  • The Hous­ing Edi­tor
  • Home Dec­o­ra­tion
  • Spe­cial­ty Fur­nish­ings
  • Fur­nish­ing Sourc­ing
  • Fur­nish­ing Craft­ing
  • Hous­ing Per­mis­sions
  • Hous­ing Achieve­ments
  • List of Homes

New Features/Updates/Big Changes

  • Mas­ter Craft­ing Writs
  • New Motifs
  • Impe­r­i­al City Ven­dors
  • Cyrodi­il Ven­dors
  • Quest Rewards from Towns in Cyrodi­il
  • Dun­geon Ready Check
  • Raz­er Chro­ma Sup­port
  • Cham­pi­on Point Increase

Fix­es & Improve­ments 

  • DLC Game Packs
    • Dark Broth­er­hood
    • Impe­r­i­al City
    • Orsini­um
    • Thieves Guild
  • Base Game Patch
    • Alliance War
    • Art & Ani­ma­tion
    • Audio
    • Com­bat & Game­play
    • Craft­ing & Econ­o­my
    • Crown Store & Crown Crates
    • Dun­geons & Group Con­tent
    • Explo­ration & Item­iza­tion
    • Quests & Zones
    • UI