E3 is creep­ing up on us and some­one out there took a great pho­to­graph of the poster going up for God of War, which is being shown at PlaySta­tion’s pre­sen­ta­tion. 

The pic­ture below, which was tak­en by a Twit­ter user who goes by Mon­keyFlop (a seri­ous­ly great name by the way) shows how much of a pres­ence this game is going to make dur­ing PlaySta­tion’s con­fer­ence.

It appears this is no sim­ple poster, it is a work of art. The man on the scaf­fold­ing is paint­ing the image on top of a blank poster can­vas. This is a mas­sive project and is quite impres­sive, but is no sur­prise con­sid­er­ing the fran­chise it is show­ing off. 

Today, Geoff Keigh­ley announced there would be a one-hour pre­sen­ta­tion on God of War for the E3 Col­i­se­um event that starts June 13th. Cory Bar­log (Direc­tor) will be there, along with the God of War team. It should be an inter­est­ing show.

  Source: Twit­ter