The rumor Mario and Rab­bids crossover game has been leaked via an image released by Comic­book. This game is sup­pos­ed­ly an RPG called Mario + Rab­bids King­dom Bat­tle. Accord­ing to the web­site the game is set to launch August of this year and will be revealed at E3.

Accord­ing to both Koatku and Comic­book, the game will have turned based com­bat, co-op, and a wacky sense of humor. There are at least 8 char­ac­ters: Mario, Lui­gi, Yoshi, Peach, and four Rab­bids dressed as them. The game is also said to be launch­ing for the Switch.

Although the game’s premise is bizarre, there have been numer­ous rumors and leaks con­cern­ing the game. Beyond the already men­tioned sources there was Lau­ra Kate Dale on twit­ter in Jan­u­ary and a french gam­ing blog (Eng­lish sum­ma­ry via Neogaf). Giv­en the amount of infor­ma­tion and sources con­firm­ing this game’s exis­tence it is safe to assume it is real.