We all knew it would hap­pen, and that day has come. Mod­ern War­fare Remas­tered will be avail­able as a stand­alone title June 27th. Cost­ing $39.99, MWR will be avail­able on The Playsta­tion store and at retail­ers for phys­i­cal copies.

Mod­ern War­fare Remas­tered’s stand alone release will not include the vari­ety map pack that is avail­able to MWR play­ers now. 

The Vari­ety Map pack will cost an addi­tion­al $14.99 and is avail­able now.

Don’t wor­ry about too much about being “Behind”, MWR’s Days of sum­mer event will help you close the gap.

Any­one buy­ing MWR who has­n’t already? No date announced for The Xbox and PC release.