Square Enix released a new trail­er for NieR: Automa­ta that shows off some new game­play. The “Glo­ry to Mankind 119450310” trail­er shows off a few pre­vi­ous­ly known sto­ry details and hints at some char­ac­ter moti­va­tions that weren’t known before. This is also the first time the pro­tag­o­nists YoHRa 2B and YoHRa 9s can be seen with­out their masks. 

If you want to remain spoil­er free it’ll prob­a­bly be best to not watch. Since the game will have the option for Japan­ese audio, the Japan­ese ver­sion of the trail­er is avail­able here

NieR: Automa­ta launch­es on PS4 Febu­rary 23rd for North Amer­i­ca, March 7th for Europe and a PC release is planned for some­time lat­er.