Indie stu­dio Lost in the Gar­den has announced that Light­field will launch on PS4

The game is described as a hyper-futur­is­tic race that has tracks made of abstract and impos­si­ble archi­tec­ture. Play­ers are encour­aged to find their own “lines through the race tracks and envi­ron­ments”. This can be accom­plished by fly­ing, attach­ing to any sur­face, and mov­ing in any direc­tion. 

Light­field also fea­tures a time tri­al and “clas­sic race modes”. There will be a total of sev­en tracks in four dif­fer­ent envi­ron­ments. Online and local mul­ti­play­er will be sup­port­ed. 

As a side note, the game’s sound­track was cre­at­ed by Vien­nese musi­cian Zan­shi­nis and can be streamed for free on the game’s offi­cial web­site.

Light­field does not have an exact release date how­ev­er the devel­op­er stat­ed they are aim­ing to launch on Xbox One and Play­Sa­tion 4 before sum­mer.