Bliz­zard has launched a new Over­watch sea­son­al event called Upris­ing. Upris­ing wll run from today to May 1st.

The even­t’s theme is cen­ter around the time before fall of the Over­watch orga­ni­za­tion. Skins will be most­ly the younger ver­sions of char­ac­ters and before many of the char­ac­ters sig­na­ture looks such as Wid­ow­mak­er’s blue skin. 

A new co-op mode is also being intro­duced and will be set dur­ing Trac­er’s first mis­sion. Play­ers will play as  Trac­er, Tor­b­jörn, Rein­hardt, or Mer­cy as they try to stop a Null Sec­tor upris­ing in King’s Row.  A ver­sion of the mode that allows play­er to play as any char­ac­ter will also be avail­able. 

Nat­u­ral­ly, Bliz­zard has also release a few videos about the new event along­side a new com­ic. The devel­op­er update and sto­ry trail­er can be seen below.