The exec­u­tive pro­duc­er of Paragon, John Wasil­czyk, announced a lot of excit­ing news today for the MOBA, via the PlaySta­tion Blog.

He stat­ed that dur­ing 2016, they got it “right some of the time, and oth­er times did­n’t do enough.” So he pro­claimed that the year of 2017 would be the year of they were “dou­bling-down.” Wasil­czyk also said the team would be pro­vid­ing reg­u­lar updates in both short and long term on what’s to come for Paragon. So if plans change, at least you will be aware it has hap­pened. 

New Stuff on It’s Way

These are some fea­tures they have planned for release over the next few weeks and months:

  • Match­mak­ing sys­tem V2. All new from the ground up
  • Lots of bal­ance changes. We know many things need to be improved and we lis­ten intent­ly. Expect con­tin­u­ous improve­ment and a hand­ful of mis­takes along the way
  • Ban­ners: add your sig­na­ture to every kill with this new sys­tem (screen­shots and videos com­ing soon). It’s exper­i­men­tal but we think it’ll be cool
  • New Skins and Skin Vari­a­tions: We’re giv­ing you even more skins and a new sys­tem that will allow play­ers to unlock more vari­a­tions for almost every skin
  • Hero Mas­tery” improve­ments. More con­tent, more pro­gres­sion, and more rewards for get­ting Heroes to max lev­el
  • Loot Crates: More loot (with more vari­ety) will be rolling into crates over the next few months. Expect to find some rare ban­ners and skin vari­a­tions com­ing soon in crates.
  • Hero Reworks: Revis­it­ing old Heroes with new kits and bal­ance

Paragon: A Look Into 2017

Com­pet­i­tive Play

It seems they want com­pet­i­tive play to be more than just tossed into the game. They are using the first half of 2017 to roll out com­pet­i­tive play in stages, by giv­ing it to the play­ers and improv­ing on it as it moves for­ward. After that, Ranked Mode is deliv­ered, which is bal­anced more for hard­core com­pet­i­tive game­play. 

A bold state­ment was also made regard­ing prized events:

As for events and com­pe­ti­tions, we’ll be start­ing with lad­dered com­pet­i­tive events that tran­si­tion into Paragon Invi­ta­tion­als. We’re also work­ing on prized events that will pro­vide real mon­ey rewards for play­ers across many dif­fer­ent regions and skill lev­els. Yes, the invest­ment is real. We want every­one to be able to com­pete, not just the Pros. Expect more details on this over the next few months.”

It seems the com­mu­ni­ty is doing quite well con­sid­er­ing the game real­ly has no mar­ket­ing. It cur­rent­ly has 5.7 mil­lion reg­is­tered play­ers. PlaySta­tion play­ers seem to be upset there are no tro­phies in the game, and word is there will be tro­phies lat­er this year when the game is ful­ly fin­ished.