Sony has a new PS Plus bun­dle that will last until next month on the 31st. 

If you buy a year of PS Plus on the PlaySta­tion store then you have an addi­tion­al 3 months of Plus and 3 months access to Show­time. The Show­time por­tion of the deal is only offered to new sub­scribers of Show­time and will be view able through Sony’s’ PlaySta­tion Vue ser­vice. 

The offer is lim­it­ed to one per per­son and can­not be stacked to receive more ben­e­fits. Sony has val­ued the$59.99 bun­dled at a total of $111.95.

Sony’s offer isn’t ter­ri­ble how­ev­er PS Plus can often be found at a dis­count price. The por­tion worth con­sid­er­ing is Show­time access if you watch their shows or wish to try the PlaySta­tion Vue ser­vice.