Res­i­dent Evil 7’s DLC expan­sion Not a Hero has been delayed.  The expan­sion was orig­i­nal­ly set to launch this spring, but has now been delayed to an unspec­i­fied date.

Game direc­tor Koshi Nakan­ishi explained that the delay is so the devel­op­ers can fur­ther improve the add-on. He believed that Not a Hero was not up to the stan­dard set by Res­i­dent Evil 7 and would not meet the high expec­ta­tions of fans. Pro­duc­er Masachi­ka Kawa­ta also stat­ed that the their goal is to match the qual­i­ty of the main game and to do that they will need more devel­op­ment time.

Both reas­sured fans that Not a Hero will still be released for free and will even­tu­al­ly come out. They also teased a fur­ther piece of DLC that is cur­rent­ly being worked on.

The full announce­ment can be seen below. For Eng­lish speak­ers sub­ti­tles are avail­able under the closed cap­tions icon. Warn­ing there are spoil­ers for the game in the video.