We expect­ed to see more on the lat­est Spi­der-Man game, but what we did­n’t expect was to see a ton of amaz­ing acro­bat­ic game­play. 

The trail­er is around eight and a half min­utes long and shows a vari­ety of the web attacks you will be using on your ene­mies. Of course Spi­der-Man being the boy scout he is, it appears he does not kill his foes. So, it leaves to ques­tion if you will fail a mis­sion upon an ene­my’s acci­den­tal death. 

You also see an aver­age ene­my and a rather large fel­low with some­thing that resem­bles dark mist com­ing from his hands. His boss is real doozy. There’s a lot hap­pen­ing in this trail­er, so don’t miss out: