Announced on PlaySta­tion’s blog yes­ter­day, is a new adven­ture, shoot­er, puz­zle game titled Unearthing Mars. It’s new to PlaySta­tion any­way, as it is launch­ing dig­i­tal­ly to the PS VR on March 7th. 

The game con­sists of 10 dif­fer­ent stages, each hav­ing it’s own unique game­play mechan­ic. Each stages advances the sto­ry of a space explo­ration team try­ing to reveal the mys­ter­ies of Mars. You take the role of the Co-pilot, which is just one mem­ber of a team try­ing to recov­er frag­ments from the Pho­bos Satel­lite, believed to hold infor­ma­tion on to the pos­si­bil­i­ty of civil­i­sa­tion on Mars.

You get to expe­ri­ence oper­at­ing a Mars land­ing craft vehi­cle, as well as explore Mars on foot and a rover vehi­cle. Should be inter­est­ing in VR.  

The devel­op­ment team took their time in the facial and body motion to make the move­ments as flu­id as pos­si­ble. Adjust­ments were made for the PS VR expe­ri­ence as the team want­ed to make it as real­is­tic as pos­si­ble. Check out the offi­cial trail­er below: