Cap­com has announced that they will release an improved Cap­com Fight­ers Net­work. They admit that “Street Fight­er V’s serv­er per­for­mance has been a less than opti­mal” and these improve­ments will address its many prob­lems.  

A beta for the improved CFN will be held from March 28th to April 3rd on Steam before its offi­cial release on oth­er plat­forms. The beta will be com­plete­ly free for cur­rent and new play­er. It will also have all char­ac­ters playable includ­ing Kolin how­ev­er progress and rewards earned in the beta will not be saved. Sea­son 2 Bal­ance Adjust­ments will be includ­ed in the beta. 

Here is the list of changes to the CFN:

Rage Quit Penal­ty Sys­tem

Back in Decem­ber, we imple­ment­ed an update to the Rage Quit Sys­tem which dis­played a spe­cial Play­er Pro­file Icon for the worst offend­ers and the most hon­or­able play­ers. These icons are work­ing cor­rect­ly now and match­mak­ing log­ic now takes into account your online behav­ior and fre­quent dis­con­nec­tors will be matched with sim­i­lar oppo­nents.

Ranked and Casu­al Match Load­ing Times

We under­stand many play­ers were not hap­py with the load times when enter­ing online match­es. There will now be a short­er tran­si­tion when going into a Ranked or Casu­al Match.

Bat­tle Lounge Coun­try Flags

Coun­try flags should now prop­er­ly load in Bat­tle Lounges, allow­ing play­ers to locate com­pe­ti­tion in their region.

Train­ing Mode – User Set­tings Saved

Train­ing Mode set­tings are now saved and will car­ry over to the next time the mode is accessed.

Match­mak­ing Improve­ments

It should now take less time to find an oppo­nent in online match­es. We’ve also added log­ic which avoids fre­quent­ly being matched with the same oppo­nent repeat­ed­ly.

Fight­er Pro­file Stats

More detailed stats will be tracked and pre­sent­ed on your Fight­er Pro­file.

Coun­try / League Based Rank­ings

Play­ers will now be able to fil­ter leader­boards based on Coun­try or League.

Friend Man­age­ment Sys­tem

In addi­tion to adding a play­er to your Favorites, you can now add Friends and fol­low them on CFN. You can now also Black­list play­ers.

Inter­ac­tive Time­line

On the CFN home menu, a live feed of your Friends’ activ­i­ties is pre­sent­ed on an inter­ac­tive Time­line. Using the Time­line, you can imme­di­ate­ly add a recent match to your Replay List, view a Fight­er Pro­file, man­age your Friends, and adjust Time­line dis­play set­tings.

In-Game Announc­er Voice

The in-game announc­er will give you stats on both you and your oppo­nent using data pulled from the serv­er