Ubisoft is hold­ing their E3 con­fer­ence in Los Ange­les, Shigeru Miyamo­to joined Ubisoft on stage, Much to the delight of the crowd. 

Miyamo­to told us about how Ubisoft met with him in 2014 and showed him a pro­to­type of a rab­bids game fea­tur­ing Mario and he loved it. Prompt­ing Ubisoft to assem­ble a big­ger team sand start devel­op­ment.

Via a trans­la­tor Miyamo­to told us that he only had 1 con­di­tion for the game, Do not try to make anoth­er Mario plat­former, but a Mario game that no one had played before.

Titled Mario + Rab­bids King­dom Bat­tle, game­play fea­tures 2 main parts. Com­bat, which is the bulk of the game­play, Ubi says it will have enough depth to please fans of tac­ti­cal games. Part 2 fea­tures Puz­zle solv­ing and more.

Mario+Rabbids King­dom Bat­tle Launch­es August 29th 2017 For Nin­ten­do Switch.