As pre­vi­ous­ly announced by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs 2’s sec­ond biggest expan­sion com­ing out tomor­row for PlaySta­tion 4 users. 

This DLC will be drop­ping for Xbox One and PC on March 23rd, and is free to any­one who bought a sea­son pass across all plat­forms. Odd­ly enough, this DLC does not have any price tag on it even though it is less than a day away from drop­ping on the PS4. You can check out the trail­er for Human Con­di­tion below:


This DLC includes three sto­ry dri­ven Ded­Sec Oper­a­tions (mis­sions) called Bad Med­i­cine, Automa­ta, and Caus­tic Progress:

  • Bad Med­i­cine — Mar­cus go against Russ­ian mob­sters who have hacked the bay hos­pi­tals for ran­som, while get­ting friend­ly with a hit­man 
  • Automa­ta — By hack­ing a self-dri­ving car, Mar­cus uncov­ers some­thing more sin­is­ter with the high-tech vehi­cle and its inter­net com­pa­ny Nudle 
  • Caus­tic Progress — Ded­Sec is set out to to stop a dan­ger­ous nano-tech that is ter­ror­iz­ing the home­less of San Fran. 

Also includ­ed with­in Human Con­di­tions is a new Elite Co-op chal­lenge mis­sions for more expe­ri­enced play­ers, as well as a new ene­my known as the Jam­mer. They are prob­a­bly exact­ly what you are think­ing, hav­ing anti-hack­ing devices that are capa­ble of dis­abling your own, so change tac­tics to avoid major prob­lems.