Microsoft release an update for the Xbox One and Xbox One X today. It includes a few new fea­tures to mes­sag­ing and the friends list, along­side mak­ing it eas­i­er to sort through your games and apps.

Friends List

Xbox One Got a System Update Today: See What’s Changed
Xbox One Got a System Update Today: See What’s Changed

This list now shows where your friends are play­ing, since so many gamers out there play across sev­er­al devices. With this new fea­ture, the team added unique icons for Xbox One, PC and mobile to help sort out who is play­ing on what.

Message Requests

Xbox One Got a System Update Today: See What’s Changed

Xbox’s new Mes­sage Request fea­ture will pri­or­i­tize mes­sages from your friends and any­one you wish to com­mu­ni­cate with. At the same time, it sep­a­rates mes­sages from peo­ple you don’t know into a sec­ondary mes­sage request tab.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, all pre­vi­ous group mes­sages will be lost due to tran­si­tion, and will require you man­u­al­ly archive them. If want to back up any pre­vi­ous group mes­sages, you can copy/paste them from for a lim­it­ed time. Go here, if you want to review your mes­sages.

Better Sorting in My Games & Apps

Games and apps are now sort­ed a tad dif­fer­ent­ly. Arti­cles such as “a,” “an” and “the” are no longer used to sort titles when using “Sort A-Z” and “Group by let­ter” views. For exam­ple, “The Witch­er” will now be found under “W” instead of “T”.

Microsoft also thanked those from Xbox Insid­ers who helped “shape these fea­tures.” If you’d like to help Xbox with any of its test­ing fea­tures, down­load the Xbox Insid­er Hub app on your Xbox One or Win­dows 10 PC, and share your ideas at the Xbox Ideas Hub.

Source: Xbox